High temperature critical hit! What is the only way to relieve fever?

recently, football is very hot, the weather is even hotter! Many fat friends hovering on the rooftop have said that the sun is more poisonous than the score of the ball game, and it takes courage to go to the rooftop

so, in the heat of the whole people, air conditioning is a must for life in summer! The air-conditioning masters also ushered in the peak of their year

the air conditioner master is very busy, and the air conditioner master is also very sad< After all, the news about "air conditioning workers falling from buildings" has been frequent recently. According to incomplete statistics, in 2017, there were more than 30 air-conditioner workers' falling accidents reported by the media alone(Source: China Economic Net) to summarize the causes of the accident, we can find that most of the accidents are due to the operators do not know how to take proper safety measures, such as: only tie a rope between the waist, or even do outdoor work without wearing a safety belt; Some even connect the rope to the radiator… These are very wrong operation behaviors, which must not be imitated in fact, in addition to the air-conditioning master, other high-altitude operators often face the risk of falling. For example, the high-altitude construction workers will face the risk of scaffold falling, stepping on the light roof falling, ladder falling and so on; City Spiderman also has security risks when cleaning the outer wall of the building working at height is very dangerous. 1t is very important to do a good job in safety protection. Every time, workers should be armed ~ first of all, they must have safety helmet and safety belt. After all, this is a solid safety support! But don’t think that with these two things, you can climb high willfully. Workers need to “dress up” – to see if they are suitable for high-altitude work, and if they are wearing soft soled shoes (they should resolutely refuse to wear nailed and slippery shoes). Of course, the above should be based on the reliability of the equipment used for aerial work, such as rigging, hanging cage, hanging basket, platform and other equipment and facilities can only be used after technical appraisal or inspection after talking about so many safety equipment, is there a voice in your heart: how can 1 choose reliable protection products you may not know that 3M, which is committed to developing personal safety protection products, has professional fall protection products in August 2015, 3M took the world’s leading supplier of fall protection equipment, kaibit, as its revenue unit and began to provide fall protection products dbi-sala and protecta are the two major brands of 3M fall protection, including low-end, middle end and high-end fall protection products, which can meet the needs of different customers. With excellent product quality, perfect after-sales service, professional skills training and excellent innovation ability, 3M fall protection is committed to making every aerial worker go home safely pick3m, we use technology to improve your life, so that every time you work at height will be protected finally, in the hot summer, 1 hope you can give more care to the workers in the hot sun when you enjoy the cool, maybe pour them a glass of water, maybe wait for one more minute, or say “thank you for your hard work.” 3M small interaction: for some high-altitude operators, such as air conditioning decoration trade union, they charge a certain amount of high-altitude work fees after the service. For this, you have any opinion, welcome to leave a message and share with us

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