Home textile fabric pursues the concept of “ecology” and healthy natural fiber needs to be popularized

1n recent years, when consumers choose home textile products, the concept of “natural and environmental protection” is more and more accepted. On June 26, Casa Tianjiao home textile released its 2009 new products, and its joint efforts with CC1 to advocate the theme of returning to nature have become the focus of attention. Mao Kailin, China director of American 1nternational Cotton Association, said that ecological home textile is the mainstream of home textile industry. Huang Jinquan, President of Guangdong Home Textile Association, once told reporters that according to the national standard “technical requirements for ecological textiles”, the definition of “ecological textiles” is: textiles that are harmless to human health produced by using raw materials that are harmless or less harmful to the environment and production process

GAO Yunjie, deputy director of supply chain and marketing of American cotton China, believes that ecological home textile is not a simple concept, and there are strict boundaries in many indicators and details. Gao Yunjie said, “azo dyes and carcinogenic dyes are absolutely forbidden in ecological home textiles. These materials will have immeasurable consequences on human body. 1n addition, there are clear requirements on free formaldehyde content, nitrogenous organic carrier, insecticide, color fastness and pH value. Once they exceed the standard or fail to meet the standard, they will not meet the requirements of ecological home textiles.”

compared with the general textiles, the bed sheets and quilt covers in the home textile products have closer contact with the human skin. Therefore, the ecological home textile should be the household textiles that are harmless to the environment or less harmful to the human health produced by the raw materials and production process. Natural fiber is more in line with the ecological concept of environmental protection and health. Mao Kailin told reporters that the United Nations announced 2009 as the “1nternational Year of natural fiber”, which aims to improve the image of natural fiber

“but the education of natural fiber is not very mature in China.” Mao Kailin told reporters

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