Honeywell anti haze mask launched

At the beginning of the new year of 2017, haze swept most of China. The pollution of PM10 and PM2.5 suspended in the air has received unprecedented concern and attention. The existing scientific research shows that they are the primary pollutants endangering public health. Our living environment is deteriorating. As a vulnerable group, children need more professional protection in the face of haze. Honeywell, which has been committed to the research and development of professional anti haze masks, has made a new anti haze mask product for children this time – Mengchong mask. Because of its professional comfort and beauty, it is favored by parents once it is launched, which sets a new benchmark for the children’s anti haze mask industry

L Honeywell copes with the test of haze and creatively creates cute masks

according to the 2016 national health big data released by “good doctor Ping An” recently, the amount of consultation on children’s respiratory problems in the haze season has increased by 44% compared with the average. Relevant experts also pointed out that haze days are easy to cause children’s respiratory diseases. Especially compared with adults, children have shorter nasal cavity, narrower respiratory tract, immature respiratory system and immune system, dust and particles in haze weather are more likely to damage children’s health and cause respiratory diseases. Such as cold, cough, rhinitis, bronchitis, asthma and so on

at present, there are many different kinds of masks in the market for children. There are very few masks specially designed for children, and they are not suitable for children to wear. Honeywell, with rich experience in personal protection, has noticed this gap in people’s livelihood. Through continuous research and innovation, it launched a professional anti haze mask specially developed for children in 2016 – mengpet mask, which helps children cope with the haze problem easily and protects children’s healthy growth together with their parents

Enter Honeywell mengpet mask

professional protection performance

Honeywell mengpet mask is produced in strict accordance with the national respiratory protection products gb2626-2006 standard. The high-quality three-layer filter material (no gauze, meltblown cloth, non-woven cloth) can effectively filter the non oily particles in the air ≥ 95%, effectively block the dust, bacteria and other small particles, Bring professional haze protection to children

comfortable wearing design

mengpet mask is not only strictly controlled in quality, but also carefully designed in comfort. According to the 3D ergonomic design, it fits the face, has strong tightness, and reduces the entry of particles; Smiling face design “H” lock can keep the mask from deformation and collapse; The built-in sponge nose pad not only increases the wearing comfort, but also strengthens the tightness of the mask, which is more suitable for children; The color claw breathing valve is novel in shape, which can effectively discharge moisture and heat during breathing, reduce breathing resistance and improve comfort

interesting design

this time, Honeywell’s cute mask caters to children’s preferences, and adds interesting cartoon elements to the design. There are yellow deer and Pink Zebra specially designed for girls, red tiger and brown bear, which are popular among boys. There are four animal images to choose from

it is a long way to go to solve the problem of haze. For haze, no matter how many products we use, we just stay on the “prevention” of mending a dead sheep. Solving the root cause of haze is what we really need. A good living environment benefits not only our present generation. How to have a better quality of life? Everyone is responsible

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