Honeywell to design safety helmet for Chinese

Who says innovation is dead? Honeywell on the 5th showed a helmet specially designed to better adapt to the shape of the Chinese head

it is reported that at an investment briefing, Honeywell introduced how they will continue to target the fast-growing Chinese and 1ndian markets. At the meeting, senior executives of the company focused on introducing the redesigned H99 series safety helmet, claiming that this product “is tailor-made for Chinese people” and “its size is suitable for customers in the Asian market”

Honeywell claimed in the conference materials that the new design is more suitable for the round head shape than the oval head typical of Westerners. This achievement has a bright future: Honeywell won the 2012 “China successful design award” for its new products

Shane tedjarati, head of Honeywell’s global high growth regional business, said that the new safety helmet is just one of the company’s many products aimed at the specific needs of Chinese people. Other products include air purification systems for residential buildings, water purifiers, masks and food packaging, all targeting concerns about air, water and food pollution

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