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in recent years, haze has been eroding our living environment, which is known as the “invisible killer” of health. Many people “turn pale when talking about haze” and try their best to reduce the harm caused by haze, among which the most common protective measure is the mask. Some people even go abroad to buy a safe mask. The safety of anti haze mask is the focus of all Chinese people. So, how to make a good mask with high quality? What kind of mask can really let us people use at ease” From material selection to research and development, we should always adhere to the product quality and constantly innovate to produce first-class masks that are healthy and environmentally friendly. ” Wang Weifeng, chairman of Zhangjiagang hongjinger environmental protection special materials Co., Ltd. Recently, the reporter interviewed the craftsman of the mask manufacturing industry. Speaking of the original intention of founding such a company, Mr. Wang told reporters that there was a story behind it

(Wang Weifeng, chairman of Zhangjiagang hongjinger environmental protection special materials Co., Ltd.)

due to his busy work all the year round, Wang Weifeng’s neglect of the company of his family, especially his absence from the growth of his daughter, is the most guilty thing in his heart. 1n a chat with his daughter, Wang Weifeng realized the harm of haze to people’s health and saw the business opportunities of environmental protection materials industry. He decided to rely on his own strength to produce the most environmentally-friendly and healthy haze masks

from domestic to imported, Wang Weifeng bought all types of masks available on the market and cut them one by one for analysis. 1n his view, this thing is like a battlefield. Only by knowing yourself and your enemy can you win a hundred battles. Every bought mask is worth studying as a sample

in the analysis and comparison, Wang Weifeng found that all masks actually use a meltblown technology on the market. The pollutants are filtered layer by layer. 1f the efficiency is higher, the melt blowing is thicker; 1f the efficiency is lower, its melt blowing is relatively thin. The advantage of relatively thin melt blown is that it has better air permeability. However, once the melt blown is thickened, the permeability will be affected

in order to solve this difficult problem, the company’s team has been developing new products, but they have not reached the ideal state of Wang Weifeng. Shortage of funds, R & D frustration, a series of problems in front of him. Just when he was close to despair, an unexpected harvest made Wang Weifeng see hope again. A nano coated mattress at an exhibition in Shenzhen opened a new direction for his research and development. While Wang Weifeng was pleased with the new discovery, problems came one after another. First of all, know nothing about the waterproof formula of the mattress; Secondly, the actual application and safety level of mattress and mask are completely different. 1n the absence of precedent, Wang Weifeng can only find the key to open the door through all possible channels and asking friends in the professional field. After several attempts, the aperture size of the nano coating required for the mask is getting smaller and smaller, and finally reaches 0.7 μ m, which is similar to the size under melt blown technology. But in Wang Weifeng’s mind, such achievements are far from the ideal state in his mind. 1f you want to do better than others, you must have an advantage. With such a belief in excellence, this technical problem was finally solved. As for whether to enter the market, Wang Weifeng also has his own steelyard. As long as it is not in the most perfect state, it is absolutely not allowed to be put into the market as a commodity. To this end, he also developed new products to Beijing’s most authoritative testing center to test

Wang Weifeng is most proud of the success of R & D and the appearance of health and environmental protection masks. As a father, he also made a responsible account of his daughter’s health. 1t is this responsibility that Wang Weifeng keeps on strictly observing the product quality and persistently makes innovations in the environmental protection material industry, only for a healthy mask and a clean breathing environment. And such a sense of responsibility and ingenuity is what we pay attention to

editor: Yibing

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