Hot functional clothing becomes the new favorite of the season

a shower of autumn rain and a chill. With the southward movement of the strongest cold air since the beginning of autumn this year, the temperature of the city has dropped significantly. “City outlets”, sponsored by Shanghai Fashion Group, will be launched in Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center from October 25

in this season, not only more than 10000 new autumn and winter clothes of more than 200 well-known brands at home and abroad appeared at factory price, but also seasonal clothing, shoes and hats, including down jacket, hot underwear, no iron shirt and anti-skid shoes, became a highlight

the concept of heating underwear has a long history, but did you know that this year’s new hot yarn wool underwear is coming out? This innovative fashion underwear from Japan adopts a new type of heating fiber, which can absorb moisture from human skin and convert it into heat energy through chemical reaction, so as to realize the heating function of underwear. According to the needs of beauty loving women’s close fitting wear, the heating yarn wool underwear here has both heating vest and heating suit. 1t uses unique three-dimensional wrinkles to create a comfortable feel, so that beauty does not “freeze” people

in addition, the reporter saw in outlets, the city of Shangfu, in the morning that the price of down garments here did not start from the ground. On the contrary, because of the advantage of factory direct selling, the cost of intermediate links was reduced, so the average price of down garments was lower than that of last year’s Shanghai stock market

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