Hot pot shop labor insurance supervision detachment to help pay

A few days ago, a newspaper published an article entitled “57 year old female dishwasher’s salary owed by hot pot shop”, which reported that 57 year old Fu Yongjie worked as a dishwasher in a hot pot shop in order to subsidize his family. A few years ago, aunt Fu asked to leave because she was ill, but the manager of the hot pot shop didn’t let her leave because she couldn’t find a job. Not long ago, after aunt Fu left, the hot pot shop still owed her nearly 2000 yuan salary for more than one month. After the report was published in the newspapers, it was highly valued by the relevant departments. However, because Aunt Fu has retired, she has a labor relationship with the employer. 1f the employer fails to pay her wages, aunt Fu must go through the civil procedure. The municipal labor and Social Security Supervision Detachment also said that it would help coordinate the two sides and let aunt Fu get her due salary as soon as possible

the reporter accompanied aunt Fu to the complaints section of the municipal labor and Social Security Supervision Detachment. 1t turned out that as early as 2008, Fu Yongjie had retired. After retirement, Fu Yongjie enjoyed the state pension treatment, but when he went out to work, he formed a non labor relationship with the employer, which belongs to the labor relationship. Li Jinkui, chief of the complaints section of the municipal labor and Social Security Supervision Detachment, said that when employers have labor relations with individuals and wage arrears disputes occur, they should go through civil litigation procedures. 1n order to enable Fu Yongjie to recover the hard money as soon as possible, section chief Li also said that he would help coordinate with Fu Yongjie in order to solve the matter successfully. Li also reminded retirees who have enjoyed the state pension treatment that if they want to go out to work, they must sign relevant agreements with employers to protect their legitimate rights and interests

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