Hot topic of argument: Workers’ safety helmets “shatter when touched”? Life is also divided into three, six and nine grades?

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recently, a short video called “safety helmet for front-line workers” has attracted a large number of netizens to watch it on the 1nternet, and caused a heated discussion. 1n the video, a worker master holds a yellow helmet in one hand and a red helmet in the other hand, and says to the mobile phone screen, “today, let’s do the experiment: This is the safety helmet of front-line workers, this is the safety helmet of leaders, which one is strong?” After that, the worker hit the yellow and red safety helmets against each other. Suddenly, the yellow safety helmet was knocked through a big hole, but the red safety helmet was safe

comprehensive analysis

“small safety helmet, life protection cover” is an important protective equipment for production and construction workers to protect their heads, prevent and reduce various accidents and injuries, and ensure life safety. The reason why the helmet is divided into white, red, blue, yellow and other colors is to quickly identify the wearer and facilitate management. Even if different colors of safety helmets represent different levels of identity, there should be no fundamental difference in the quality of safety helmets, because in the face of life safety, “everyone is equal” can not be just empty talk. 1n other words, ordinary workers and leaders are human beings, their life safety should be guaranteed equally, and the quality of safety helmets should be equally indestructible. 1’m afraid that’s the fundamental reason why the comparison video of worker’s helmet and leader’s helmet is popular among netizens

apart from the fact that “there is no difference in life, safety helmets should have no difference”, it is chilling and painful to just look at the fact that “workers’ safety helmets are broken when they touch them”. According to the requirements of relevant specifications, the basic performance of safety helmet should include the protection against head injury caused by falling objects. However, in the online video, the experimenter just collided with two safety helmets in both hands, and the worker’s safety helmet immediately broke a big hole. After a few more collisions, the worker’s safety helmet was smashed into pieces. This is not in the case of being hit and collided by heavy objects, so we can see how poor the quality is. How can this mass withstand falling objects? Who should be responsible for the safety of front-line workers

the official microblog of the emergency management department forwarded the video and said that if even the safety helmets of workers are not safe, how can production safety be realized? The implementation of the main responsibility of enterprise safety production must not be superficial< Related problems 1

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