Houjie will introduce the upgrading plan of shoe industry

as a demonstration area of Guangdong footwear industry cluster upgrading, Houjie’s footwear industry has been established as one of the two pilot industries in Dongguan to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry. A few days ago, the reporter learned from the relevant departments of the town that Houjie Town has submitted a formal industrial upgrading planning report to the municipal government before July 14, and plans to implement the construction of the platform from two aspects of public welfare and market operation

it is understood that in order to promote Dongguan shoe industry from “disorderly concentration” to “orderly cluster”, Houjie and the world shoe industry headquarters base plan to set up a permanent organization led by the government and guided by the market, with the participation of enterprises and industry associations

the organization will surpass the previous industry associations, or will be named as the semi official “Dongguan footwear industry upgrading committee”. The newly established committee will break the original pattern that Hong Kong funded and Taiwan funded enterprises do not want to join, and conventionally hold joint meetings

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