Houma thermal power branch carries out labor protection knowledge training to fasten “safety belt” for spring inspection

1n order to further strengthen the correct use of labor protection articles by team members, continuously improve their self-protection ability, and strengthen the defense line of safety and health awareness of maintenance personnel at all posts, recently, the second thermal control team of equipment maintenance department of Houma thermal power branch organized and carried out safety knowledge training on the correct use of labor protection articles according to the actual work on site, Fasten a reliable “safety belt” for the ongoing “spring inspection”

this training mainly focuses on the inspection of safety helmet, work clothes, high temperature resistant gloves, dust mask, safety belt and other labor protection articles before use and the precautions during use. At the same time, the team safety officer also used the theoretical and practical way to demonstrate the relevant labor protection appliances on site. After the demonstration, each team member will experience the operation and master the key points of use

the training effectively enhanced the safety protection awareness of team members, and laid a solid foundation for the safety development of spring inspection in 2018. The picture shows that the team safety officer is demonstrating the correct wearing of safety belt(Houma thermal power (Liu Yuanxin)

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