Housing industrialization helps to solve the haze problem

Recently, some media reported that the promotion of housing industrialization has become one of the important contents of the long-term mechanism of real estate market regulation. 1t may be launched as a local pilot in the form of next year, and it will be launched in the field of affordable housing. Whether the measure can be implemented smoothly has also become a topic of concern in the industry. Wen Linfeng, deputy director of the center for promoting housing industrialization of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, was invited by the real estate channel of China news.com to visit the video interview of China news.com. He said that promoting housing industrialization helps to solve the haze problem

Wen Linfeng said that construction sites are one of the four main culprits of haze, “because there are more cars and industrial pollution is serious in Beijing, its proportion is not particularly high. We can see that in some third – and fourth tier cities, if their industries are not particularly developed, construction dust may account for about 30%, and some as high as 40%. “

“if the construction site is moved to the factory, all the works related to cement, sand and dust will be finished after the factory is finished, and the finished products will be delivered to the site. Once the crane is hoisted, the connection will be finished, which is very effective in preventing and controlling pollution.” Wen Linfeng said

Wen Linfeng believes that more and more cities now attach great importance to promoting the development of housing industrialization. One of its starting points is to consider from the perspective of energy conservation, emission reduction, environmental protection and ecology of our whole country, especially in the construction site

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