How 1talian fashion brands see “made in China”

a number of fashion brand executives recently said in Milan that emerging countries are improving the production quality of designer clothing and looking for opportunities to buy mature market brands. 1n order to remain competitive, some fashion groups have shifted their production lines to countries with lower production costs. Gianluca Brozzetti, chief executive of 1talian fashion brand Cavalli, told Reuters: “some emerging countries are making quality products. 1t’s no secret that many brands outsource their production to emerging countries, but their creativity has to stay in 1taly. ” “1f we make it outside 1taly, we’re done,” Michele norsa, chief executive of Ferragamo, told Reuters Norsa said Chinese buyers preferred “made in 1taly” luxury goods to those made in China. Some designers say they are not worried about the rising quality of products made in 1ndia or China

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