How are good labor protection shoes produced?

Usually every consumer in the purchase of labor protection products, often the most concerned about is the price and brand. At present, most of the well-known labor protection shoes sold in China belong to foreign brands. 1n fact, all foreign labor protection shoes are processed by domestic labor protection shoes manufacturers. Their workmanship and raw materials are essentially the same as those of domestic labor protection shoes manufacturers, but their prices are very different, Sometimes the price of foreign brands is even double that of domestic labor protection shoes. Why is the price gap so big? 1t is mainly caused by the brand effect of labor protection shoes

what is the difference between the brand and price of labor protection shoes? How are good labor protection shoes produced? The price of labor protection shoes is mainly determined by the main raw materials of shoes + the function of labor protection shoes + the fine workmanship + the brand image of labor protection shoes established by the company. The selection of various raw materials of protective articles is very important. 1n different workplaces and working environments, you can choose various materials that are not used

the main components of labor protection shoes are concentrated in three parts: vamp, lining and sole

1. Sole

the sole is made of different materials according to different functions. At present, the commonly used materials are polyurethane (PU), plastic sole (PVC), EVA + rubber composite sole, natural rubber sole, etc. sometimes these materials are combined to make the sole performance (such as wear resistance) better, 1f polyurethane (PU) and rubber are combined, the wear resistance of sole is superior. Especially the soles with special functions, insulating shoes or anti-static labor protection shoes need to be manufactured according to their functions. For example, the soles of static shoes must meet the relevant standards of anti-static labor protection shoes stipulated by the state

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