How can dust masks be missing in the face of haze

1n 2013, “haze” is one of the most important topics. The haze years ago has dealt a great blow to people’s travel and mood. After the festival of 2014, it brought people a lot of surprises. The continuous rain and snow weather made the originally cloudy weather much brighter and brighter. With the arrival of the “rain” solar term, the weather will soon get warmer, and let us have to guard against the invasion of haze. According to reports, today many places are suffering from light pollution, and the streets are still the scene of a few years ago. 1n the early morning, many people came and went with dust masks. Here is a brief introduction of dust masks, so as not to buy masks that are not very effective but harmful

with the increase of haze in recent years, there are many masks with the slogan of “dust prevention” in the market. 1n the fishy eyed market, how should we choose the suitable mask to block PM2.5

as we all know, PM2.5 is fine particulate matter. Fine particles are also called fine particles. Fine particles refer to the particles in the ambient air whose aerodynamic equivalent diameter is less than or equal t2.5 microns, also known as PM2.5 and lung accessible particles. 1t can be suspended in the air for a long time. The higher its content (concentration) in the air, the more serious the air pollution

when choosing a mask, pay attention to:

first, choose a good mask material

the general mask material is fine fiber. The high-quality mask is divided into three layers, that is, the inner and outer layers are filter paper, and the middle layer is non-woven fabric

choose the level of the mask

Second, Kn90, kn95, N95 dust masks can effectively filter fine particles. When purchasing, you should see clearly the level of the mask, and don’t buy it wrong

Third, check the filter of the mask

in fact, the key to the pm2.5-proof mask is the filter inside. The better pm2.5-proof filter is activated carbon, which can effectively isolate various fine particles. Generally, the filter should be replaced after about 2 weeks of use and can not be reused. Ask about the price

Fourth, the price of a real high-quality anti PM2.5 mask is not cheap. 1t’s impossible to buy it for a few yuan. The cheap one costs 40 or 50 yuan, and the expensive one is more than 100 yuan. So it’s very cheap, it’s hard to guarantee the effect, or buy real materials

fifthly, whether it is suitable to wear

after wearing the PM2.5 mask, it should be relatively tight, and there should not be too large gap to allow fine particles to take advantage of. So try the size of the mask in advance

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