How can such a helmet bear the weight of life? Disaster hat!

Safety helmet with a finger poke to break, a punch to break a hole, has become a shelter “sun hat”. 1t sounds like a joke, but it doesn’t make people laugh. The construction accidents in Changchun, such as steel bars falling into the back of workers’ brains, bricks falling on the fifth floor killing and injuring workers, are caused by such “safety helmets”! People call it the “evil hat”

safety helmet has become “sun hat” and “disaster hat” for the following reasons

the first is production: there are many production departments, and they are mixed up, shoddy or even fake and shoddy, which make people dazzled and confused

the second is the sales link: the products mixed with good and bad enter the market and become the goods with uneven quality in the market. 1n some wholesale stores of labor protection articles in Changchun, the price of safety helmets ranges from 3 yuan to 20 yuan, which shows that the quality varies greatly; Needless to say, the ones whose prices are too low must be those inferior “safety helmets” that can be easily broken, smashed, and hard to ensure safety

the third is the purchase link: some construction enterprises only consider the cost and expenditure, and only choose low-quality products, while the safety or life security of workers is not considered; They regard the cost and profit of the enterprise as more important than the life of the employees

the fourth is the use link: the final large number of users of safety helmets are workers. Of course, they want safe, strong, durable and reliable labor protection appliances, but they are in a weak position and have little to say; What’s more, in the market of surplus labor force, you don’t have people who do. 1n this way, they will “dare to think but dare not speak” and give you a “hat” as a result. They have no choice but to accept it< The fifth is the regulatory authorities that restrict the above links. They were originally responsible for checking, supervising and restricting the above links, but they either turned a blind eye or turned a blind eye. As a result, they failed to pay attention to, manage and perform their duties, resulting in the mass production of low-quality labor insurance products, and then they swaggered to the market and sold them in the market Safety is more important than Mount Tai. Obviously, this is the ultimate source of the problem in order to avoid the tragedy of safety helmet becoming a “sun hat” or even a “disaster hat”, local regulatory authorities must really take responsibility and make effective supervision and control over the production, sales and use of safety and labor protection articles. So that producers can not produce, sellers dare not sell, buyers can not buy those inferior, counterfeit “safety” labor protection products the correct choice of safety helmet 1. All personnel who may work in the environment of throwing objects or falling objects from high air (or side), high-altitude operators, and those who need to enter the site must wear safety helmet

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