How can the quality of safety helmet be related to the head?

with the coming of summer, all construction sites in Harbin are in the golden period of construction to promote engineering construction. However, the quality of safety helmets on the heads of many construction workers, especially migrant workers, is not up to standard, and some safety helmets are so thin that they can be easily broken. Through visiting the sales market and the construction site, the reporter was surprised to find that: first, the price of safety helmets on the market is different, ranging from 4 yuan to 30 yuan. Some “three no” safety helmets without manufacturer, production date and quality certificate are obviously marked with “La (safety sign of special labor protection articles)”; Second, workers usually wear safety helmets of 4 yuan and 6 yuan, while project managers, foremen and technicians all wear the most expensive safety helmets(June 20 (workers’ daily)

people who have worked in enterprises know that safety helmets are the last line of defense for the safety of employees. 1n order to ensure the safety of employees, many enterprises are willing to spend money on the purchase of safety helmets. However, it is surprising that there are some safety helmets on the market now, some of which are safe, and some of them are “like goods”; What’s more incredible is that some construction enterprises even buy safety helmets according to the “head”, and buy expensive safety helmets for project managers, foremen and technicians, but buy fake and inferior safety helmets for workers who can’t guarantee safety! This is undoubtedly challenging the bottom line of morality

as the boss of an enterprise, we should understand that “safety produces benefits”, and ensuring the safety of production and employees means ensuring the economic benefits of the enterprise and the safety of the boss himself, because once a safety accident occurs, the boss will have to “eat nothing to take away”. Therefore, the owners of construction enterprises should ring the alarm bell, strictly abide by the safety regulations, seriously implement the safety measures, and do not regret for saving money

of course, it’s not just the boss’s problem that things like “different heads, different prices of safety helmets” happen. 1t is immoral for businessmen to sell fake and inferior safety helmets, and the industrial and commercial administration also has the problem of dereliction of duty

experience tells us that the tighter the construction period is, the more attention should be paid to safety. The more important the project is, the more attention should be paid to safety. Safety accidents are most likely to occur at this time. The author suggests that enterprises and regulatory authorities should always tighten the string of safety, strictly check every detail, and take preventive measures(Zhang Kuixing)

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