how do pregnant women choose protective clothing fabrics

Metal wire fabric, this kind of anti radiation fabric has better hand feel and air permeability, and can be washed gently. Disadvantages: the wire is easy to break, affecting the shielding effect. Because it is metal wire, most of them are made of stainless steel, which is not suitable for pregnant women’s sensitive stomach (it may cause abdominal allergy)

the coated fabric has good shielding effect (the mobile phone is basically wrapped), but it has a hard hand, poor air permeability, and can not be washed. The biggest disadvantage is that the metal plated on the surface containing mercury, lead, chromium and other harmful ingredients to human body is easy to fall off, and the surface becomes powder. 1f it is inhaled by pregnant women, it will affect the health of the fetus. 1t can’t be washed. The shielding effect time is short. 1n addition to not wearing it, once it is worn on the body, no matter how to maintain it, it will lose its effect in a very short time and can not achieve the effect of shielding electromagnetic radiation

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