How do welders protect their faces

Long term exposure to welding arc, long-term work face will have ecdysis and other symptoms, and even some of the workers who just began to contact will have pores, black head increase and other troubles. Next, let’s talk about the face protection of welders

the use of welding has brought a lot of problems for enterprises, one of the main problems is the harm of arc welding to human body. 1n the welding process, when the heat source is above 1000 degrees, the strong light, ultraviolet, infrared and other rays will be produced, which will directly threaten the eyes and facial skin of human body. According to the measurement, the arc light spectrum of the welding rod with the arc power of about 7000kw contains about 38% of the infrared light with the wavelength of more than 1300, 26% of the visible light with the wavelength of 400-780, and 5% of the ultraviolet light with the wavelength of 200-400. The ultraviolet intensity produced by argon arc welding is more than ten to 30 times of that produced by conventional shielded metal arc welding, and the ultraviolet intensity produced by plasma arc welding is 30-50 times greater than that produced by shielded metal arc welding

because the visible light intensity of welding arc is 10000 times greater than the light intensity that human eyes can normally bear, such strong visible light will burn the retina and cause retinitis. At this time will feel eye pain, blurred vision, there is a central dark spot, after a period of time to recover, such as long-term repeated effect, will gradually reduce vision

therefore, when welding, the mask should be as close to the face as possible and wear light color clothes. 1t would be much better to have a helmet mask

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