How does DESMA’s new equipment change the mode of production and bring portable labor protection shoes?

Labor protection shoes is a kind of shoes with safety protection effect on feet. There are many kinds of it, such as toe protection, puncture prevention, insulation, acid and alkali resistance, etc. 1n the past few decades, workers working in special environment not only have to fight against the harsh working environment, but also have to wear heavy and ugly labor protection shoes, which undoubtedly increases the difficulty and burden of work

surprise! At the beginning of 2018, there was such a news in the media that attracted people’s attention: “moving Xiamen | wearing one kilogram of heavy labor protection shoes, shuttling through the 70 meter high bridge crane, he is the” Guardian “of wharf machinery!” 1t’s hard to imagine that walking on the 70 meter high bridge crane itself is a very hard work. 1n order to prevent his feet from being punctured on the wharf or being run over by heavy objects, this hard-working worker has to wear about one kilogram of labor protection shoes. The hardships are hard for ordinary people to understand

but in fact, this kind of labor protection shoes, which often cost one or two Jin, has been gradually eliminated in the world. DESMA has developed a new device that can produce a sole as light as a feather, but with puncture resistance and a high-quality toe cap

“it’s totally impossible. 1’ve been wearing labor protection shoes for more than 30 years, and 1’m used to such a weight, and 1’ve never heard of such magical labor protection shoes. 1f there are, it’s really a blessing for our Railway Bureau workers.” A foreman from the maintenance section of a railway bureau said. His labor protection shoes are often scrapped when the axle box of the locomotive is closed. Because of the heavy workload, others wear a pair of labor protection shoes every year, and he wears seven pairs of labor protection shoes every year

hi! The equipment for producing safety ultra light labor protection shoes has come out

it is gratifying that DESMA, a professional supplier of injection shoe machines, has made landmark achievements in promoting the upgrading and evolution of safety shoes. DESMA is suitable for producing all kinds of shoes, especially safety shoes, sports shoes and leisure shoes. DESMA has a history of more than 40 years in the field of continuous upper injection shoe making. More than 90% of the European safety shoes market is produced by DESMA injection machine

in addition, DESMA can configure different number of stations for the disc machine according to the production capacity requirements of different customers, with 18, 24 and 30 stations respectively. At the same time, DESMA is equipped with corresponding machine arms for different operation configurations, which makes the production more automatic and improves the efficiency correspondingly

it is understood that in Dortmund, Germany, the seventh DESMA equipment has been officially put into production. With equipment like DESMA, they are able to produce safety shoes that are as light as feathers and as fashionable as normal sneakers” 1n addition to the basic safety requirements, modern shoes must also have ventilation, shock absorption and comfort. Safety shoes, will have to play two roles at the same time: during the work can fully protect the owner’s feet, but also effectively relieve the burden of joints

this is due to the latest material research and development and the most modern manufacturing process level. ” DESMA’s equipment R & D personnel explained the original intention of their technology development

as the market demand for lightweight safety shoes is still growing, Atlas, the giant in the field of safety shoes in Germany, expanded its production capacity again in early 2018 and integrated into the DESMA high-tech automatic disc production system” This system ensures that customers can produce high-quality safety shoes more quickly and flexibly at a lower price. ” Klaus Freese, managing director of DESMA, explains

experts estimate that about 10% of the German population alone will wear safety shoes and buy a new pair of shoes every year. 1n terms of the German market, nearly 8 million pairs of safety shoes are sold every year. And such a huge demand makes a multi station and rapid production system equipment is particularly important

hope! Efficient production promotes the development of personalized customization

at present, with the further development of domestic manufacturing industry, high-quality labor protection shoes have become the products urgently needed in the market” 1n recent years, the demand for both comfortable and ergonomic safety shoes and work shoes continues to soar. First of all, it’s because today’s customers are looking for shoes that offer characteristics similar to sneakers. Second, health and safety considerations are becoming more and more important to employers. ” This is what three generations of shoe entrepreneurs in the family have said

at present, with the improvement of DESMA in equipment. The equipment with 36 stations and high degree of automation has been provided to enterprises and put into production

the Amir production line (Amir production line: highly automated material supply system integrated with manipulator) with 36 stations and highly automated production is equipped with 7 robot arms at the same time. This latest texma turntable is the largest and most modern injection molding equipment in the world. 1t is directly produced and manufactured by DESMA in Achim, Germany

“the new machine will make our traditional production method more flexible; Each operation step is more precise and clear, and the overall production process is more efficient. ” Dieter bade, sales manager of DESMA, explained

DESMA’s manipulator can precisely perform various steps, such as shoe upper roughening, placing steel sole, spraying release agent, trimming, and clamping and placing. 1n other words, the Amir system will automatically complete the following process in two directions: supplying materials to the disc machine, and taking back the finished parts of the disc machine to the designated place. This greatly improves the work efficiency of employees and reduces the labor cost

DESMA’s machines are now running in three shifts, continuously producing six days a week, and can continuously produce 3000 pairs of high-quality shoes within 24 hours” The machine enables us to continuously optimize production in terms of quality, capacity and ecology. This is both our goal and our proposition. Because we insist on our own production to complete everything, from sole to vamp, we can not only cope with peak orders, but also deliver products accurately. ” Said Hendrick scharsky, a business owner who has already tasted the benefits of DESMA’s equipment

the polyurethane (PU) sole made by DESMA high-tech equipment can ensure that the shoes are comfortable, light, flexible, elastic and ergonomic” Direct injection molding technology allows us to personalize our customers in shape, material, stability, size and color. “

in the past decade, the export share of atlas has increased to 25%. The company is actively negotiating with DESMA to purchase the eighth equipment. DESMA’s equipment and systems are always able to meet the capacity needs of enterprises. Klaus Freese, managing director of DESMA, once again stressed: “most of our disc machines are directly exported to other countries, and atlas is one of the few customers directly located near the company’s headquarters. We worked closely together to overcome many difficulties. 1t’s something we’re proud of, and it’s an inspiration for the future. “

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