How does MRO e-commerce platform emerge?

What is MRO

MRO comes from English maintenance, repair & amp; The abbreviation of operations is maintenance, repair and operation. 1t usually refers to the non productive materials that do not directly constitute products in the actual production process, but maintain, repair and operate the enterprise’s equipment, machinery and facilities in order to meet the normal production and operation. 1t mostly refers to the industrial supplies with the nature of non productive raw materials

, in the days when the state vigorously advocates “1nternet plus”, the spring of the industrial 1nternet has just arrived. A set of development systems suitable for the “1nternet plus” era has become extremely urgent. Many industries will present new manufacturing patterns, which not only puts forward the “modularization” demand for the industrial chain, but also wake-up call for the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise procurement management. With the rapid development of MRO industry under the wave of e-commerce, B2B, B2C and o2o online shopping malls for industrial products have sprung up, and innovative self operated shopping malls are ready to start< Compared with foreign markets, domestic MRO industrial products purchasing market is mostly limited to the "traditional mode", one is through the wholesale distribution center where the enterprise is located, and the other is relying on small traders around the enterprise for multi-point purchasing. This traditional purchasing mode has the disadvantages of "time consuming, unstable price, low cost and low cost", Because of the disadvantages of "high inventory, lots of inferior materials, high after-sales cost", which leads to a lot of time cost and loss of market response ability, this indirect loss makes enterprise managers worry. The reason behind this is that the domestic MRO supply market is relatively scattered, far from forming scale. At the same time, it is difficult for MRO suppliers to effectively manage, and there are common problems such as "small scale, low cost, low cost" There are many problems, such as few varieties, opaque prices, scattered procurement, high storage costs, and less capital flow therefore, how to improve the efficiency of supply chain and reduce the cost of manufacturing industry has become the core problem that enterprises urgently need to solve. The gradual emergence and improvement of MRO e-commerce platform for industrial products will change the above disadvantages of the traditional MRO purchasing market in the past. The market needs a platform to enable enterprises to quickly and comprehensively understand the MRO supply market information. Enterprise purchasing customers will be more eager to choose an MRO platform with advantageous product lines, competitive prices and full-service, so as to realize a simple, transparent, zero inventory and intelligent one-stop MRO industrial products purchasing and management service. Obviously, MRO self operated mall will become the mainstream mode of industrial products supply. With the development of industry and market, the demand for MRO required by China’s manufacturing industry will be more and more diversified the MRO platform is flourishing, and the “one-stop purchasing” has sprung up. according to the “2015-2020 China MRO industrial products supermarket industry development prospects and investment strategy analysis report” released by prospective industry research institute, MRO 1ndustrial Products Mall has advantages over traditional industrial products sales channels in terms of information technology, cost, brand and service. The impact of MRO industrial product procurement on enterprise cost control and profit can not be ignored. The domestic MRO industrial products purchasing market has a scale of trillions, especially the MRO online industrial products self operated mall, which is rapidly promoted in traditional enterprises. Data show that 82% of industrial customers in China will choose to buy industrial products through the “online industrial products mall”, and 87% of Asian respondents also said they would consider online purchasing more the differentiation of MRO platform will win the market in recent ten years, MRO e-commerce platform has presented a pattern of blooming flowers in China market, and each has its own characteristics. The operation advantages of MRO e-commerce platforms represented by gu’anjie, Xiyu Electromechanical, zhenkunhang, Mismi and South China city network hardware mall are closely related to their unique industry positioning, For example, gu’anjie’s advantages lie in “sufficient inventory of superior products”, western region network’s “complete product specifications, strong professionalism, good cost performance, and good mobile terminal experience”, Zhenkun bank mainly provides enterprises with equipment maintenance, repair and operation (MRO) and other industrial supplies procurement services, while Mismi’s advantages are “high quality, low cost, short delivery time, low cost, low cost, low cost, low cost, low cost, low cost, low cost, low cost, low cost, low cost, low cost, low cost, low cost, high cost, low cost, high The hardware mall of South China city network, which has won various awards in the field of e-commerce, provides technical support with “supply of brand manufacturers, 1000000 + SKU categories, physical warehousing and logistics, and JD cloud big data”. Compared with the above MRO representative platforms, the differentiation of MRO platform will win the market millions of high-quality supplier resources are gathered on the growing and innovative one-stop procurement platform, which can improve the accuracy, breadth and speed of enterprise procurement sourcing based on system algorithm, manual matching and whole network promotion, reduce material procurement costs, and provide one-stop preparation of common industrial products for enterprises, as well as model selection, quotation, delivery time guarantee, and other services The MRO industrial products e-commerce platform, represented by Huanan Chengwang hardware mall, gu’anjie, Xiyu Electromechanical, zhenkunhang and Mismi, meets the tide of this era and will surely usher in more rapid development in the near future. The innovative MRO e-commerce platform seeks a new management and service mode under the 1nternet trend, in order to provide better service experience for enterprises and create a higher value industrial form, which is worthy of industry expectation

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