How does the protective mask become the new favorite?

The reporter saw in a drugstore last night that people came to buy masks from time to time. Staff told reporters that a package of 50 protective masks can be sold individually, but now it’s a whole package, and more than 60 packages were sold yesterday. A citizen who bought a mask said that he wore it when he went out these days. A total of five people in his family simply bought a whole bag

in one of the convenience stores, the shelf selling a kind of high-tech filter material mask is out of stock. Convenience store staff said that this kind of protective mask uses patented materials, has the effect of dust and virus prevention, and can be used repeatedly” 1t’s sold out very well in the past two days, and the M number that suits most people has sold out. “

dust masks

the reporter consulted several websites selling masks at random yesterday, and the shopkeepers generally said that the sales of masks have indeed increased in recent days” These two days, masks really sell better than usual, and there are many people who ask which kind of masks can prevent PM2.5. ” Of course, Ms. Wang, the shopkeeper, said that the sales of masks have their own stages. “Generally, when the season changes or dust weather comes, the sales of masks will increase.”

the reporter saw that according to the texture and function of the masks sold on the 1nternet, the prices range from a few yuan to dozens of yuan. As for which kind of masks can prevent PM2.5, another shop, Ms. Zhang, recommended the industrial dust dragon flying protective masks. “These two kinds of masks have sold very well recently, and the dust prevention effect is good, which is very suitable for the current weather.” The reporter noticed that the sales of several kinds of masks that can prevent PM2.5 are very good. One of them, which is labeled as a dust mask suitable for cycling or industry, sold 274 masks in the morning yesterday, doubling the sales

own “anti gas” masks

sell 100 masks a day

in online stores, a kind of professional masks that look like “exaggerated” gas masks can sell more than 100 masks a day. The reporter saw that this is another kind of protective mask, including breathing valve, filter box, filter cotton, etc., which can almost cover most of the face. The shopkeeper said that in the past, most of the people who bought this kind of mask were engaged in painting, laboratory testing, mining and other professional units. “Recently, many customers have bought one or two masks, and they all wear them to and from work.”

Mr. Liu, a citizen, went to the street yesterday wearing the “gas mask” he just bought” A lot of people look at me. Just look. 1t’s no harm to pay more attention this day. ” Mr. Liu said that this kind of mask is really professional. For example, the filter box will be divided into different types according to different harmful substances” Although it’s much more expensive than ordinary masks, health is still the most important thing. ” Mr. Liu said

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