How far is safety helmet from safety

safety helmets

date of birth is unknown

it is understood that many safety helmets are marked with “a drop of oil” by PetroChina, but they are all pasted with self-adhesive, and the production date is blank on the certificate inside the safety helmets

the production date of some safety helmets is even manually filled in, and the production date of one of the certificates is written “200X (x is blank)”, that is to say, the production date of this safety helmet should be from 2001 to 2009, but it has been changed to “2010”

the safety helmets sold in many labor protection stores are specially delivered by people carrying bags. The price ranges from a few yuan to more than ten yuan. They can earn more profits than regular safety helmets, and there is no invoice. They are all paid and delivered at the same time

some safety helmets are made of plastic materials by “Tangshan Puda protective equipment factory” on the inside, and the validity period is 30 months, which has expired according to the delivery time, but the validity period has been artificially changed to 42 months

illegal stores

lost goods and punished

the law enforcement officers of the industrial and commercial office inspected the safety helmets of these stores, and found that none of the safety helmets of these stores were qualified, and the clerks could not provide the purchase documents

Geng, deputy director of Tiexi 1ndustrial and commercial office, pointed to the sign in front of the helmet and said that the sign in front of the qualified helmet should be engraved. Subsequently, law enforcement officers seized the offending helmets

it is reported that dozens of safety helmets were collected this time, and the owners who violated the rules will be punished

fake and shoddy products

hidden dangers are everywhere

director Xu Xuehui of Tiexi 1ndustrial and commercial office told us that the regular safety helmet has four components. The material of the helmet shell is very strong and the appearance is smooth. 1f you knock the safety helmet gently, you can feel its elasticity

the main consumers of safety helmets are construction workers and motorcycle drivers on construction sites. Workers are required to wear safety helmets on construction sites. However, there are still some construction sites with lax supervision, which only take a form and have not been carefully implemented

according to Director Xu, unqualified safety helmets, cap shells and cap liners can’t bear the impact of the striking objects, and all of them can’t reach the required strength, so that the falling heavy objects can’t be buffered and hit on the head, which can’t play the role of safety protection

China labor protection website reminds construction sites and individuals that when purchasing safety helmets, they should identify and verify their product name, category, certificate, production license, etc., so as not to bring hidden dangers to safety production

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