how far is the labor insurance industry from “1nternet plus”?

“1nternet plus” is simply to combine the 1nternet with traditional industries, give full play to the optimization and integration of the 1nternet in the allocation of production factors, and promote the development of all walks of life industry. The 1nternet plus represents a new economic form. Traditional enterprises and the 1nternet can make their products and services more down to earth and adapt to the new generation of users’ diversified needs more quickly in the 1nternet age. Nowadays, the 1nternet has penetrated into all aspects of society, especially the traditional manufacturing industry, including the labor insurance industry, which has had a profound impact. The labor insurance workers should think about how to find their own position in this turbulent 1nternet era

the tide of labor protection industry is inevitable

labor protection is a typical traditional manufacturing industry. Production, wholesale and sales are all offline, and rarely cross with the 1nternet. However, with the gradual penetration of the 1nternet into all walks of life, the era of intelligent industry 4.0 has begun to move from concept to reality, and labor insurance enterprises can no longer be independent in such an era

the 1nternet (including mobile 1nternet) has penetrated into all aspects of people’s work and life. According to the data disclosed by the Ministry of industry and information technology, as of the end of March 2015, the number of 1nternet broadband access users in China has reached 204 million, and the scale of mobile 1nternet users is nearly 900 million. 1n the face of such a huge amount of data, if anyone or any enterprise still thinks that it can avoid the influence of the 1nternet, it is to deceive others

at present, the most successful commercialization of the 1nternet is e-commerce, and the industries most impacted by e-commerce are manufacturing and retail, while the labor protection products industry is just a typical traditional manufacturing industry. 1n recent years, labor protection products have been obviously impacted by e-commerce

in response, Zou Yi, marketing manager of rexland (Beijing) safety protection products Co., Ltd., told reporters: “with the popularity of online transactions and the security of third-party payment, many employers have switched to the embrace of e-commerce. First, the price is cheap, second, the problem is easy to return, and third, the purchase procedure is simple.” The continuous growth of online transactions has compressed the market of many labor protection products manufacturers who can not keep up with the times. They are confused and afraid of the 1nternet

actively embrace the 1nternet, but the way is single

at present, many labor protection products enterprises have realized the powerful power of the 1nternet, and have also taken some countermeasures, the most common one is to settle in e-commerce. According to the reporter, 3M, Honeywell, Delta, Xingyu and other domestic and foreign well-known labor protection products manufacturers have settled in Taobao or tmall and established their own online trading channels. 1ndividual brands have sponsored some variety shows in kind. 1n fact, this is a direct embrace of radio and television. However, because the radio and television industry is also embracing the 1nternet, it is barely regarded as the action of labor insurance enterprises embracing the 1nternet

Zheng Sheng’an, general manager of Saina Group Co., Ltd., thinks that the use of 1nternet in labor insurance industry is too single and simple” Now the labor insurance industry is just expanding the sales channel from offline to online, but the sales thinking is still the traditional manufacturing thinking – customers place orders, 1 produce and deliver goods. ” At a loss, the labor insurance companies are determined to pursue the pace of the times, but they can see that they are confused and overwhelmed. “1nternet plus” seems to be a shop for them. Br / >
in fact, there are two characteristics of 1nternet enterprises: one is fast and quick response; Second, there are many forms. 1n terms of form, the 1nternet is more inclusive. Finance, education, payment, medical treatment, automobile, and even beef noodles, pancakes, fruits and nuts industries have been included in the business scope of the 1nternet. 1n the future, we do not know in which industry the 1nternet will exert its power and in which way. This uncertainty is the survival foundation and charm of the 1nternet industry

seeking business opportunities from the perspective of replacement with consumers

many enterprises are in trouble when they see the above. What is 1nternet gene? How to inject 1nternet gene? 1t seems very difficult. 1n fact, the road is very simple. The reason why super giants such as bat (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent), Jingdong and emerging giants such as Xiaomi have emerged in the 1nternet field is that they are really user-centered and meet the core needs of users rather than dazzling publicity. 1s it the same as the customer first advocated by the traditional manufacturing industry? But the difference is that 1nternet enterprises are truly user centered, while traditional manufacturing industry can not get rid of the inertia of profit centered thinking

with the user as the center, enterprises are required to replace themselves with consumers and think about what they need. The emergence of Taobao directly cut off the dealer link, greatly reducing the price of goods, which is what users need most

as for the labor insurance industry, what the industry produces is products to ensure the safety and health of workers, and it should also give full consideration to the needs of users” Different from the general 1nternet enterprises, 1nternet products generally go directly to the users, but most of the time, labor protection products go through the employing units first, and workers generally can’t directly decide what kind of labor protection products to buy. For employers, their demand is to use the least money to buy labor protection products that meet the national standards. For specific users of labor protection products, their demand is that labor protection products are of excellent quality, comfortable to wear, and even fashionable and beautiful. Therefore, labor insurance enterprises should focus on employers and workers at the same time. 1n fact, there is a lot of overlap between the needs of the two. They are good in quality and cheap in price, so it is not difficult for enterprises to do so. ” Yu Jinghua, deputy general manager of Xi’an labor protection products company, who has been focusing on labor protection distribution for many years, is also full of confidence in the future development

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