how high temperature resistant is the fireproof clothing

Do you know the high temperature resistance of fireproof clothing? The fireproof and heat insulation clothing is made of aluminum foil composite flame retardant material, which is mainly used as protective clothing for fighting oil, gas fire and high temperature industrial places. 1ts fabric is composed of industrial aluminum foil with high reflectivity and flame retardant material, which has good flame retardant and heat insulation properties. Due to the special composite materials and composite technology, the peel strength of the fabric is very superior

fireproof clothing is a kind of protective clothing worn by firefighters and high-temperature workers when working near fire. 1t is used to insulate their upper and lower torso, head, hands and feet, including fireproof jacket, fireproof trousers, fireproof headgear, fireproof gloves and fireproof foot covers. 1t has the characteristics of fire prevention, heat insulation, wear resistance, folding resistance, flame retardant, anti radiant heat, etc. the temperature of anti radiant heat is up to 1000 ℃

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