How long can 3M masks be used?

With the aggravation of the haze weather, 3M masks are selling well and are receiving attention from people. As a maintenance-free mask, 3M masks are more convenient to use, but once this type of mask is damaged, it must be replaced and cannot be used. How long can 3M masks be used under normal circumstances?

1. Judge based on phenomenon. The use time of a mask is related to the environment in which it is used. Generally speaking, anti-odor masks have activated carbon to prevent dust and filter odors. If you use this kind of mask, you can’t use the mask if you smell it. When measuring the anti-dust function, it is found that breathing is difficult, that is, the breathing resistance is great, so replace the mask.
2. The filter material of the 3M protective mask is high static electricity, and the filtering effect is very good. It can filter particulate matter and PM2.5, but this kind of mask cannot be cleaned, otherwise it will destroy its material. Because it cannot be cleaned, its service life depends on the occurrence of the following phenomena: the cumulative amount of particulate matter is too high, and the user feels a significant increase in resistance (suffocation); components are damaged, aging, broken or invalid (such as broken or loose headband, nose Pinching, falling off, damage to the mask body, deformation, etc.); peculiar smell and dirt caused by long-term wear.
Various dust masks have different dust holding capacity and different maintenance methods, which will affect the service life of the masks, so there is no way to uniformly stipulate the specific replacement time. When any part of the dust mask is damaged, broken or lost (such as nose clip, nose clip pad), and the breathing resistance is obviously increased, the entire mask should be discarded.
There is no clear regulation on how long 3M masks can be used. However, we can judge according to the following. Under normal circumstances, if the mask is damaged during use, observe the hygiene condition to judge whether it is abandoned. Experts remind consumers not to be greedy for cheap, and not to change protective masks for a long time, so as not to induce respiratory diseases.

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