how many kinds of eye and face protection articles are commonly used in industry?

Eye and face protective articles are personal protective articles used to protect the eyes and face from high-speed particle impact, heavy impact, smoke, dust, metal sparks and flying debris, heat, electromagnetic radiation, laser, chemical splash and other factors

we should pay special attention to the protection of eyes and face. For those engaged in dangerous industries, more should be equipped with eye and face protective equipment, in order to avoid accidents, resulting in eye and face injury< There are many kinds of eye protection products, which can be roughly divided into the following categories according to the protection function: 1. Eye protection glasses with shading mainly prevent the damage of infrared, ultraviolet and strong visible light caused by high temperature, as long as they are used in welding, cutting, furnace, glass melting, etc, As well as skiers, sailors, drivers and traffic controllers who are often strongly reflected by the sun, and scientific research and medical personnel engaged in infrared and ultraviolet operations should also use such eye protectors the main products of this kind of glasses include: welding goggles, furnace goggles, anti microwave goggles, anti laser goggles, radiation goggles, etc< (2) anti impact eye protectors anti impact eye protectors are protective devices to prevent metal debris, sand, gravel, dust and other foreign matters from entering the eyes and causing injury, including anti impact glasses, anti impact eye mask and anti impact face mask. The eye mask and face mask can not only prevent the impact, but also prevent the eyes from being injured by liquid splashing common products include: 1. Plexiglass anti impact glasses (eye mask): this kind of eye protector has high transparency, tenacity, elasticity, low temperature resistance, light weight, and impact strength 10 times higher than ordinary glass. But it has poor high temperature resistance and wear resistance. 1t is mainly used in metal cutting, metal polishing, forging, crushing metal or stone and other workplaces