How many ways can you think of to fight for the “voice of the industry”?

What can standards do

what is the significance of enterprises to be stricter than the national standards due to market demand

are standards only formulated by government departments

do you want to expand your business? “Made in China 2025” is being practiced vividly in Zhejiang Province

first, Zhejiang Province released the “standardization +” action plan, which aims to maximize the catalytic effect of “standardization +” on new technologies, new products, new formats and new models, lead high quality with high standards, and promote the industry of Zhejiang Province to move towards the middle and high end

not long ago, Zhejiang Province issued the third batch of Zhejiang manufacturing standard development and revision plan, and the standard of PVC protective gloves of Zhejiang East Asia gloves Co., Ltd. was approved and released. Wenzhou Xumei Technology Co., Ltd. recently announced the enterprise product standard of “foot protection electric insulating shoes” through the national enterprise standard information public service platform. These standards are based on the existing national industry standards, and some indicators have been improved

the labor protection products industry in Zhejiang is taking advantage of “standardization +”, leading the enterprises in the industry to improve the production process and production equipment through standards, so as to comprehensively improve the product quality and finally build a Zhejiang manufacturing brand

the significance of establishing standards

standards = authority = reliability = popularity:

1. Effectively avoid competition and eliminate enterprises that do not meet the standards

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