How much do you know about office air pollution?

1n many office buildings with central air conditioning, dozens or even hundreds of people work in an open office area. Each person has a computer in front of him. Ozone, electromagnetic radiation, electronic fog and other pollutants are released to everyone at work with the heat wave of the chassis fan. Although sitting in the so-called comfortable office, the indoor air quality is poor, which makes people have headache, chest tightness, even cough and asthma

the first pollution source: formaldehyde, dichlorobenzene, toluene, etc. are produced in office decoration, furniture and paper

the office furniture that can be seen in the market, whether it is high-grade or low-grade, are mainly based on wood-based panels, such as particleboard, density board, plywood, plywood, etc., all contain formaldehyde, toluene, xylene and other volatile organic compounds. Office desks and chairs, partitions, wallpaper and wall coverings, and laminate flooring may emit formaldehyde. Carpets may emit formaldehyde and dichlorobenzene. Groups of file cabinets polished by paint are the main sources of benzene, toluene, and xylene volatilization. Even the leather sofa in the meeting room can also release formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other “poisonous gases” that can contaminate the whole room

the second source of pollution: ozone is produced by copiers, printers and computers

as soon as people walk into the office full of computers, they always feel that the air is particularly smelly. After a while, they feel poor breathing and dizziness. Many people think it is caused by computer radiation, and the real cause of discomfort is ozone

printers and copiers have electrostatic effect under working conditions, which can excite oxygen in the air into ozone. When ozone reaches a certain concentration, it can stimulate people. 1n addition, the chemical property of ozone is very active, which can turn nitrogen in the air into nitrogen oxides, and nitrogen oxides will accumulate the stimulating effect. Therefore, in the space where copiers and printers are used intensively, if windows are not opened for ventilation, the concentration of ozone and nitrogen oxides in the room will increase, which will bring some irritation, such as sore throat, sore eyes, dry eyes and even easy tears

copier is the most ozone producing office equipment in the office. This is because the current copier is generally electrostatic copying, electrostatic voltage is very high, will produce a lot of ozone. 1f the ventilation is not good and the ozone concentration in the office environment is high, it is easy to have adverse effects on people’s health

ozone is a gas with strong pungent odor. 1n addition to carcinogenesis, it can also stimulate people’s respiratory tract, causing respiratory tract irritation symptoms, such as cough and bronchitis. 1n addition, ozone can also threaten people’s nervous system, make people dizzy, headache, nausea, vision loss, memory loss and other problems, destroy human immunity, but also easy to make people aging, people’s skin is also prone to black spots. 1f pregnant women are exposed to high ozone concentration for a long time, fetal malformations may also occur

the third pollution source: dust is produced by the copier and air conditioner

when the copier is working, it will produce invisible dust. The work of air conditioner will make the dust spread to all parts of the office. This kind of dust also has a lot of toner, which is inhaled into the lungs, causing damage to the human body, and also easy to cause rhinitis, pharyngitis and bronchitis

the fourth pollution source: cleaner

cleaner is widely used in various indoor environment cleaning, it plays an important role in maintaining a good sanitary environment, but a large number of studies have shown that the use of cleaner can release a variety of volatile organic compounds and ammonia and other irritating gases, thus affecting the indoor air quality and the health of cleaners and other indoor personnel, 1t is one of the pollution sources of bad building syndrome

strengthen self-protection and improve health status

control the density of office equipment and furniture in the office, and do not let too much equipment concentrate in a small area. The central air conditioning system should increase the fresh air volume, strengthen disinfection, pay attention to the introduction of natural wind, use air purifiers to filter dust, bacteria and harmful gases, and release healthy negative oxygen ions< 1n addition to participating in acid synthesis and regulating acid activity, vitamins are also good antioxidants. 1t is necessary to keep the vitamins in the body saturated, and when they are supplemented, they can not only regulate the metabolism of acids, but also regulate the activity of acids, Comprehensive supplement is better than single supplement during the lunch break, try to leave the office and go to places with better outdoor air: take a walk, blow the wind, enjoy the spring sunshine, and do some workshop exercises if possible wash your nostrils with cold water every day, wash your face with cold water, gargle your mouth with warm water, and soak your feet with hot water, which is good for improving your immunity

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