How much do you know about the functions of labor insurance shoes?

How much do you know about the function of labor protection shoes?
Safety shoes are also a type of labor protection shoes, but labor protection shoes are not necessarily safety shoes, such as the green canvas shoes that are posted on the construction site. People call it It is a safety shoe, but it does not have the safety protection function to protect the feet. Safety shoes are commonly called labor protection shoes, and generally refer to safety shoes that are also anti-smashing shoes and steel-toed shoes. But strictly speaking, safety shoes are divided into toe protection safety shoes, anti-static safety shoes, electrical insulation safety shoes, high temperature safety shoes, etc. However, the most commonly used safety shoes are toe protection safety shoes, that is, anti-smashing. Shoes, because anti-smashing shoes generally have a steel toe cap on the front, they are also commonly known as steel toe shoes. Of course, most people still refer to safety shoes collectively as labor protection shoes. Safety shoes are professional labor protection shoes that are anti-smashing, non-slip, anti-static, or insulated and anti-piercing.

The correct use and maintenance methods can ensure that the safety shoes should be effective and maintain the user’s foot health. Therefore, the following matters should be paid more attention:
1. Do not modify the structure of the safety shoes without authorization.
2. Wearing safety shoes of appropriate size can help maintain the wearer’s foot health and the durability of the shoes.
3. Pay attention to personal hygiene. Users should keep their feet and shoes clean and dry.
4. Clean safety shoes regularly, but solvents should not be used as cleaning agents. In addition, the soles must also be cleaned frequently to avoid accumulation of dirt. The conductivity or anti-static performance of the soles will be affected by the amount of dirt attached and the bending condition.
5. Store safety shoes in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place.
The maintenance of safety shoes is basically the same as that of ordinary fashion shoes. Wipe frequently, keep it clean, and use shoe polish frequently to extend the use time of safety shoes.
Specifications for the use of safety shoes Oil-proof shoes are used in places where the ground is oily or splashed;
Waterproof shoes are used in work places where ground water or splashing water;
Cold-proof shoes are used for low-temperature workers’ feet Department of protection from frostbite.
The puncture-proof shoes are used to protect the soles of the feet and prevent being punctured by various sharp and hard objects.
The main function of anti-smashing shoes is to prevent falling objects from hurting the feet. The front toe cap of the shoe has impact-resistant material. The main function of steel shoes is to prevent burns and punctures, and should be able to withstand a certain static pressure and temperature, and be non-flammable. This kind of shoes is suitable for smelting, furnace front, cast iron, etc.
In addition to the above, there are also some special shoe covers, such as canvas, asbestos, and aluminum film shoe covers.
The selection and maintenance of protective shoes The selection of protective shoes should be based on the nature and degree of the hazard of the working environment. Protective shoes should have product certificates and product instructions. Read the instruction manual according to the conditions of use before use, and the method of use must be correct.

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