How much do you know about the manufacturing standard of 800 million anti haze masks per year?

Luo Chen, who studied in Beijing, bought all kinds of anti haze masks” Now masks have become a necessity. 1t’s better to wear them than not to wear them. ” 1n recent years, buying masks has become the consumption habit of some citizens. However, consumers have different opinions on the haze prevention effect of PM2.5 protective masks sold in the market. One of the reasons is that the production standard of PM2.5 protective masks has not been recognized by the market< According to the statistics of China Textile Business Association, the annual demand of all kinds of protective masks in China is about 800 million. According to the use of masks, they are divided into three categories: industrial protective masks, medical health masks and civil masks. Among them, the annual demand for civilian masks is about 200 million, accounting for 25% of the demand the reporter found that many enterprises that originally produced industrial protective masks and medical health masks also developed and produced PM2.5 protective masks one after another. According to statistics, before 2013, there were about 500 enterprises producing masks in China, and now there are nearly 1000 enterprises. 1t is estimated that about 600 million protective masks will be produced every year on the one hand, the demand is large; on the other hand, the supply is “out of order” at present, many PM2.5 protective masks on sale in the market have no uniform identification, uneven quality, mixed brands, and the concept of sneak protection, so their products do not have the basic PM2.5 protection function. These problems not only make it difficult for consumers to choose, but also make their health unable to get effective protection industrial protection standards are not fully applicable “the mask 1 bought is still industrial standard, and the effect should be good.” Luo Chen told reporters. However, some experts said that a large number of industrial dust masks were misused in the market, which brought huge health risks to consumers “at present, the vast majority of haze mask manufacturers in the market are still using industrial dust masks gb2626 standard.” Lei Limin, Secretary General of China Textile Business Association, said, “there are also some American standards starting with N95, or European standards starting with FFP. However, these standards are not applicable to civilian masks. For example, industrial dust masks have strict wearing conditions, and if they are used for a long time, it is easy to cause dizziness and other physical discomfort. “ it is understood that the current national compulsory standards for masks in China are not fully applicable to civil anti haze masks. Gb2626-2006 “respiratory protective equipment – self-priming filter type anti particulate respirator” is mainly for labor protection products, while gb19083-2010 “technical requirements for medical protective masks” and yy0469-2011 “medical surgical masks” are medical protection standards the “technical specification for daily protective masks” officially implemented this month is a recommended standard, which is not mandatory as the “PM2.5 protective masks” group standard implemented in March< According to Li Guimei, member of the industrial textiles sub standard committee of the National Textile Standards Committee, the national standard "technical specification for daily protective masks" for civil protective masks sets 15 indicators from three aspects of safety performance, hygiene performance and protective performance in the national standard, the protection effect level is set according to the air quality index category of our country, which is divided into four levels from low to high: D level, C level, B level and a level. 1f consumers wear masks reasonably according to the standard requirements, the concentration of PM2.5 inhaled can be reduced to below 75 micrograms per cubic meter, and the air quality inhaled can reach a good level or above Gao Fei, one of the group standard drafters of PM2.5 protective masks and Deputy Secretary General of safety and health protective articles Committee of China Textile Business Association, said that PM2.5 protective masks not only pay attention to the protective effect, but also need good comfort. At the same time, when PM2.5 respirator is in direct contact with people’s mouth, nose and face, it is also necessary to consider microorganism and pH value according to Zhu Liping, director of R & D center of Chaomei cm, a mask manufacturer, these two standards regulate the uneven quality of anti haze masks in the market. The group standard has higher requirements on respiratory resistance, and the new national standard considers the level of air quality. Some people in the industry also said that the consumer market needs to test which standard enterprises use to produce Disclaimer: This article is reprinted by the editor for the purpose of transmitting more information. 1f you think our reprint violates the copyright law or damages your interests, please contact us in time and we will deal with it as soon as possible. Tel: 0516-853021 key words: anti haze mask, dust mask

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