How much do you know about the various maintenance procedures of anti-static products?

There are many categories of anti-static products. Among them, these products can be divided into: static wrist straps, anti-static table mats, static removal devices, static testers, etc. Recently, Sugimoto editor learned that many users use them during some telephone return visits. These electrostatic products understand that some customers use anti-static products that do not undergo maintenance and maintenance. This is very wrong. This is just like our cars. It requires regular maintenance and maintenance. Although the anti-static properties of these anti-static products are good, without regular maintenance and maintenance, the anti-static properties of these products will slowly be lost. Now I know that many friends do not know the maintenance and maintenance of these anti-static products.
Then the editor of Gongpinhui has prepared the following maintenance methods for you intimately. You can prepare a small bench for formal lectures.

Here is a list of maintenance and maintenance methods for the anti-static table mat:

1. The work site and the surface of the anti-static table mat should be kept clean.

2. Try to use non-ultraviolet lamps as far as possible. Ultraviolet rays are one of the reasons that accelerate the aging of the anti-static table mat. The workplace should be well ventilated. Try to reduce the concentration of ozone in the air. Various machinery and equipment may produce ozone, electromagnetic waves and electric radiation during the operation of the project.

3. The anti-static table mat should avoid contact with heat sources as much as possible. If it is unavoidable, try to isolate the heat source with old anti-static table mats or other appliances for the contact part, which can effectively extend the service life of the table mat.

4. During the use of the anti-static table mat, please try to avoid chemical contact with the anti-static table mat. If you accidentally touch it, wipe it off as soon as possible.

5. When cleaning the anti-static table mat, try to use cleaning materials that are environmentally friendly and harmless to the anti-static table mat, and minimize chemical cleaning agents.

6. The best use temperature of the anti-static table mat is between 15-30 degrees and the humidity is between 45%-75%. Professional maintenance;
Gongpinhui editor warmly reminds you: To learn more about anti-static knowledge, you must pay attention to us!

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