How much pollution can such a small helmet cause?

“How much pollution can such a small helmet cause?”

talk about the environmental protection standard of a safety helmet enterprise

Author: Feng Huaihe

does the enterprise producing safety helmets have any pollution? Over the years, some people inside and outside the industry have not thought much about this

in recent years, Beijing Huiyuan Co., Ltd., located in Miyun District, Beijing, has encountered unprecedented and stricter “environmental protection” barriers

the safety helmet is made of plastic, which is molded by injection molding. After that, it needs painting and other processing operations. This process will produce a certain amount of waste gas, waste water and waste residue

“how much pollution can we produce such a small helmet? 1s the original governance not good? ” 1n the past, some people held this view. However, in the battle to defend Beijing’s blue sky in 2018, this argument is difficult to stand on

therefore, Huiyuan company carried out further rectification according to the requirements of the environmental protection department

firstly, the activated carbon purification device in the painting workshop was replaced with a new type of photo oxygen purification device, and the height of the exhaust chimney was increased to more than 15 meters, thus completing the transformation of the closed door of the painting workshop

the second is to complete the transformation of VOC emission purification device in injection molding workshop. The process of pad printing machine in the assembly workshop is connected to the purification device system for centralized discharge, which reduces the environmental pollution

thirdly, the ground of hazardous waste warehouse should be treated for anti-seepage, and the paint residue of hazardous waste should be sealed and packaged for storage

the company has also installed an automatic feeding system and an intelligent cooling system in the injection molding workshop, which not only avoids the slight pollution in the feeding process, but also saves the cooling water

the work of the company in the first half of this year, from a certain point of view, is closely around the theme of “environmental protection”. 1n the first half of this year, the company invested more than 5 million yuan to do this theme well

how much money can you make from the production and sales of a safety helmet? More than 5 million yuan. What is the concept? Outsiders don’t know. But it can be speculated that the company will not be free from entanglement and hesitation in the process of rectification. There must be a variety of realistic and even spiritual tradeoffs between “gain” and “loss”. What is gratifying and gratifying is that the company has finally successfully crossed this “barrier” and stepped onto a new stage

face up to the shortage, rectify according to the standard, and pay back

in recent years, the company has limited production or stopped production for many times due to environmental protection, weather and other factors. However, the sales of safety helmets in the first half of the year exceeded the predetermined target

taking environmental protection as one of the key factors of power and scientific research, the company has developed a new product this year, namely “new type spray free FRP safety helmet”, which has filled the domestic blank. Please note that this helmet is “spray free”. To borrow the professional expression of safety production is to realize the “intrinsic safety (environmental protection)” of products

Huiyuan company’s practice of implementing and promoting “environmental protection theme” this year can also be used for reference by other labor protection products enterprises

China’s labor protection products manufacturing enterprises are mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, and these enterprises also have large and small environmental protection problems that need to be solved. 1n the process of development, how to cross this “barrier” is a big test for every enterprise. 1n addition, labor protection articles are used to protect workers, and the enterprises that produce them should be more environment-friendly and responsible for the occupational health of their employees

Huiyuan company is an ordinary small enterprise. However, when the “environmental storm” hit, they chose to face the difficulties and embrace the blue sky after the wind and rain

the conditions of some enterprises of labor protection products are no less than those of Huiyuan company. Facing the test of “environmental protection”, they can be quite calm and some of them can even do better than Huiyuan company

the author believes that after more manufacturers of safety helmets have improved their awareness of the theme of environmental protection, the title of this article can be changed to another way: “can such a small safety helmet still cause pollution?”

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