How old is the helmet?

For the safety helmet, people generally pay attention to whether the workers wear it, but few people care about its service life. The reporter learned from the quality supervision department that according to the standard: from the date of completion of manufacture, the longest service life of plastic safety helmet is 3 years, and that of FRP safety helmet i2.5 years. After the expiry date, the user must go to the relevant departments for spot check and test, and can continue to use after passing the test, otherwise the batch of safety helmets will be scrapped

the year is approaching. 1t’s time for the construction workers to finish their last shift. 1n recent days, the reporter visited a number of construction sites in Chengdu and found that the safety helmets on the heads of many construction workers either could not find the production date or had expired. 1n case of danger, can these expired “safety helmets” guarantee the safety of construction workers

construction site:

many workers did not know that the safety helmet had a shelf life

at the end of the year, the reporter visited several construction sites in the urban area, and none of the 11 workers and construction workers interviewed knew the shelf life of the safety helmet

at a construction site, when the workers were resting, the reporter came forward to talk with them. According to master Li from Lezhi, the hard hats of him and his fellow villagers are made by contractors. When the reporter asked if the safety helmet has a shelf life, Master Li said, “as long as you wear one on your head, you won’t be fined, and no one has to check whether the safety helmet has expired. Generally, we replace it after it is rotten.”

according to the national standard, each safety helmet should have the following permanent marks: the name of the manufacturer, trademark, model, production date, production certificate, production license number, in addition to the above marks, the service life of the qualified safety helmet should also be indicated. 1n a construction site outside Fengxiang street, the reporter carefully looked at the yellow or red safety helmets worn by the steel worker Lao Wang and his workers, and found that most of the permanent signs on their safety helmets were incomplete. What’s more, the production date marked on a plastic helmet is actually 2006

in response, a person in charge of the construction site said that because there were several construction teams on the construction site, their management was limited, and they could not control whether the safety helmets used by workers were overdue


most inferior safety helmets are not marked with production date

the investigation on the service life of safety helmets on the construction site is not optimistic, so how about the safety helmets sold on the market? 1n this regard, the reporter visited the market where the sales of safety protection products are relatively concentrated, and found that the sales price of safety helmets ranges from a few yuan to dozens of yuan, with different materials and prices. However, for safety helmets less than 30 yuan, most of them are not marked with production period

in a labor protection products sales shop, the reporter found that the lowest quoted hard hat here costs 6.5 yuan, while the market price is mainly between 18 yuan and 28 yuan. “Just look at it, buy more than 200 pieces, and you can type any sign you want.” For the reporter’s question whether there is a production date on the helmet, the shopkeeper gave such an answer

a safety helmet sales manager told reporters” Regular manufacturers produce helmets at least at the price of more than 30 yuan, the weight is not less than 310 grams


many safety protection products have a shelf life

“if the safety helmet is used for a long time, its shell material is easy to be aged and brittle, and its impact resistance, puncture resistance, lateral rigidity, electrical insulation and flame retardance will be greatly reduced, which can not play the role of protection for workers.” A person from the Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision told reporters that it is common for safety helmets to be used beyond the time limit at work sites. Some safety helmets of an enterprise have been used for nearly 10 years and are still used indefinitely. The enterprise is indifferent to this, and the safety accidents caused by the aging failure of safety helmets occur from time to time every year” 1n fact, it’s very simple to avoid this problem. As far as 1 know, the electric power and oil departments have done a good job. Their safety supervision departments have established files for the distribution and use of safety helmets, and have done a good job in marking them, so that their use status can be documented. Once the safety helmet is expired, it will be scrapped and destroyed immediately, and will never be used indefinitely. “

in addition, this person also reminds workers that when using labor protection articles, they should also pay attention to the service life and waste conditions of various products. For example, the service life of the safety belt is 1 to 2 years; The service life of polyurethane soled safety shoes is one year, and the service life of rubber soled safety shoes in non adverse environment is two years; The dense mesh safety net is a disposable product

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