How should pregnant mothers use seat belts?

Seat belts are suitable for all passengers, including pregnant women. However, if pregnant women do not properly fasten their seat belts, they may also be seriously injured in a car crash

pregnant women should wear a three-point seat belt during the whole process of pregnancy. The diagonal part of the seat belt should be pressed over the middle of the chest and close to the bottom of the buttocks as far as possible. The waist seat belt must cross the thigh under the raised abdomen, and must not be tied on the pregnant woman’s stomach, because it will harm the fetus. The last point is particularly important, because if the seat belt slides at the front of the abdomen in a car crash, it will cause harm to both the mother and the baby

the best way to protect the fetus is to protect the mother. As long as the safety belt is properly fastened, the possibility of fetal injury in a crash is very small. Pregnant women and other passengers, the key to make the seat belt work is to wear the seat belt correctly

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