How to avoid employees using expired labor protection articles

overdue labor protection articles cause potential safety hazards

labor protection articles are personal protective equipment to protect workers from casualty accidents and occupational hazards. Labor protection articles are one of the important measures to protect workers’ safety and health. Protective clothing, safety helmet, miner’s lamp are all labor protection articles

at present, many enterprises have provided labor protection articles to employees according to regulations. However, it is understood that although some enterprises have provided labor protection articles to employees, they will not take care of them after they have bought them once and will not replace them for a long time. But in fact, with the development of science and technology and the progress of working methods, some labor protection appliances in the past can not play a very good role in the new environment. For example, protective glasses used to be flat glass glasses, which could only protect the front of the eyes, and the glass was fragile. Now there are curved plexiglass glasses on the market, which can effectively protect all the eyes, but many enterprises have not replaced them. Consulting the relevant responsible personnel of the enterprise, they explained that the curved plexiglass glasses are easy to grind, the price is high, the consumption is large, and the cost is too high. 1n this case, there are new products for labor protection products, but the old ones can still be used. 1n addition, in some enterprises, labor protection products have been damaged to the point that they can hardly be used, and they have not been scrapped in time. Employees will not wear these labor protection products when they work, which has caused great hidden danger to safety

labor protection articles are different from other clothing and tools. They are not dispensable or can be dealt with casually. Expired labor protection articles not only can not play a protective role, but also give psychological hints to workers who do not understand the situation, thinking that they have done labor protection, which also has hidden dangers in their mind. Therefore, in order to avoid accidents caused by hidden dangers and for the safety production of enterprises, the employing units must timely replace the expired products, especially the special labor protection articles, according to the national requirements and the product service life

the reason why enterprises use expired labor protection articles

the reason why employees of enterprises still use expired labor protection articles is that enterprises blindly pursue economic benefits and think that this expenditure can not bring obvious economic benefits, there are other reasons

first of all, the reason for purchasing. When purchasing, the enterprise will send special purchasing personnel. But many purchasing staff are not professional, and they did not supplement or consult relevant knowledge before purchasing, so they finally purchased inappropriate products. For example, clearly want to buy the protective clothing of chemical enterprises, but bought back the protective clothing of construction enterprises; When purchasing, 1 didn’t pay attention to the production date and shelf life, because it was cheap, so 1 bought back the expired products; Purchasers do not choose products according to their quality, but choose suppliers who have a good relationship with them and buy back unqualified products. 1n this way, the purchased products have their own problems, and they will be scrapped soon according to the requirements, or even scrapped if they can’t be used. 1n order not to cause waste and losses, the enterprise has to stick to its head and let the employees continue to use them. Secondly, the management is not standardized. Some small and medium-sized enterprises and private enterprises, after buying back the labor protection articles, put them in the warehouse, get them with a slip, do not register them, do not check the production date and shelf life, and do not check whether they have expired. They do not know the use of the labor protection articles at all, and can not find them when they should be scrapped. The labor protection articles have become a corner forgotten by the safety inspection

how to avoid employees using expired products

to avoid accidents caused by employees using expired labor protection articles, enterprises must first recognize the importance of labor protection articles for safe production. To let employees use labor protection articles is not just to cope with the inspection, but for the sake of face project. 1t is a major event related to the personal safety of employees and the long-term development of the enterprise. Therefore, enterprises should not be careless in every link from purchase to use to management, and they should not be unwilling to buy or replace high-quality labor protection articles for employees in order to save a little money. Of course, it is not to say that as long as there are new labor protection articles on the market, the enterprise should buy them for the workers and make a reasonable judgment based on the actual situation and the safety of the workers. Purchasing labor protection articles is a very important work, which can not be regarded as a simple task. The purchasing personnel must have rich knowledge of labor protection, be able to identify the quality of products, and go to qualified manufacturers to select products that meet the national regulations. Products can not be bought once and for all, but also timely inspection, timely replacement of quality problems. Of course, to ensure that enterprises can buy qualified labor protection articles, the relevant state departments must do a good job in the supervision and management of labor protection articles on the market. With the development of market economy and the emergence of new technology, we should speed up the construction and improvement of laws and standards, and create a good market environment for enterprises

in a word, no matter businesses or enterprises, they should establish a strict inspection and registration system of labor protection articles in and out of the warehouse, timely clean up the expired labor protection articles, and resolutely prevent them from flowing into the receiving and using links of employees. As the industry and commerce, quality supervision and other departments, they should also increase the inspection of labor protection articles, so as to realize the scientific and standardized production, marketing and use of labor protection articles

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