How to buy shoes

People in any industry basically need shoes. You can have a pair or a shoe cabinet, but how much do you know about shoes? What kind of shoes are best for you? Let’s take a look at the leather and cost performance of shoes and choose the best shoes in our heart

1. Safety shoes

safety shoes have fine grain, dense and small pores, thin skin, fine fiber, tight and solid weaving

cattle leather shoes are of the best quality and high value. Cattle hide is divided into cattle hide, buffalo hide and yak skin. Most of the face leather is made of cattle hide, the leather surface is smooth and smooth, and the grain size is the most detailed; Buffalo hide is usually not used as top leather but as bottom leather because its grain size is coarser than that of cattle hide and its fiber structure is loose; Yak leather is seldom used in leather upper because of its limited resources and small quantity. The soles of cattle leather shoes are formed rubber soles and buffalo leather soles

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