How to change the growth mode of professional clothing industry is worth thinking about

China’s professional clothing industry is in a critical period of opportunities and challenges. According to the requirements of the scientific outlook on development, whether we can accelerate the transformation of the mode of economic growth is related to whether the professional clothing industry can seize and make good use of the important strategic opportunity period, deal with the challenges of resources, environment and international competition, and promote the sustainable, coordinated, healthy and rapid development of the professional clothing industry

from an international perspective: at present, developed countries are vigorously developing energy-saving, environmental protection and clean energy technologies. After taking the lead in promoting the information technology revolution and developing knowledge economy, they have set off a wave of developing green energy technology and low-carbon economy. China will face the severe challenge of green energy science and technology competition when the task of information technology revolution has not been completed. Therefore, the transformation of growth mode is an urgent need to seize the strategic commanding point of green energy science and technology innovation. From the domestic and industrial point of view: the extensive growth mode leads to the enterprises mainly relying on the overload operation of machinery and equipment, workers working overtime, the quality and combination of production factors can not be improved, the actual productivity and growth quality can not be increased, at the same time, it also leads to the excessive consumption of energy and raw materials, which is farther and farther away from the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction

how to change the growth mode of professional wear industry< First of all, we should speed up the adjustment of industrial structure. Accelerate the integration of resources within the industry, allocate resources according to the industrial chain, focus on the development of leading brand enterprises, give play to the radiation role of brand enterprises, attract small and medium-sized enterprises to gather around leading brand enterprises, and promote social division of labor and cooperation. We should encourage enterprises to merge and reorganize, expand the scale of enterprises, form a community of interests, and avoid excessive market competition by clarifying the direction of differentiated product research and development. At the same time, in accordance with the principle of product segmentation, four production systems of uniforms, tooling, special protective clothing and professional fashion have been established to create a flexible supply and demand mechanism for government procurement, group purchase and market retail secondly, accelerate the cultivation of leading brands and regional brands of professional wear. By expanding the influence of these brands, we can promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprises from scattered individual production and operation to brand joint operation, unify production norms and operation management, and create conditions for the deep integration of industrial resources thirdly, accelerate the independent innovation of enterprises, and form an independent innovation mechanism with fabric research and development and high-tech clothing function research and development as the main development direction. We should give full play to the functions of research institutes and research institutes, strengthen the cooperation with colleges and universities, strengthen the cooperation between fabric enterprises and clothing production enterprises, research and develop low-carbon clothing, and establish and research a virtuous circle atmosphere to adapt to the production, sales and consumption of low-carbon clothing. Give full play to the enthusiasm of fabric enterprises, clothing enterprises and local governments, and make a breakthrough in the development of low-carbon clothing Fourth, we should realize the industry division pattern of R & D, design and production segmentation as soon as possible. We should correctly understand the relationship between becoming bigger and stronger, strengthen the cooperation within the industry, form a reasonable industry and regional layout, realize the overall upgrading of the professional clothing industry chain, completely say goodbye to the old industrial mode of taking off the big blank, and develop to a positive, civilized, rational and scientific industrial mode, so as to form a benign expansion of the industry fifthly, we should actively explore and promote leasing and washing sales methods in the field of professional wear. We should encourage resource conservation, advocate civilized consumption and moderate consumption, establish a consumption mode of resource conservation, actively learn from foreign advanced experience, and take the development road of professional clothing with Chinese characteristics. Good word is the first, fast word is the leading, finish the road of industrial upgrading as soon as possible, and realize the goal of rapid development of China’s professional wear

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