how to choose a reliable haze mask?

in winter, continuous haze makes anti haze masks hot again. 1t is worth noting that on November 1 this year, the “technical specifications for daily protective masks” formulated by the AQS1Q and the National Standardization Management Committee was officially implemented. So, what is the impact of this new national recommended standard on haze masks on the market? How should the public choose

the influence geometry of the new standard

the “technical specification for daily protective masks” clearly stipulates the effect and safety performance of masks for protecting fine particles. Among them, according to the air pollution situation, the protection level of the mask is D, C, B and a, which are suitable for moderate and below pollution, severe and below pollution, serious and below pollution and serious pollution respectively. The corresponding protection effect of each level is not less than 65%, 75%, 85% and 90% respectively. After consumers choose the appropriate protective mask according to the standard, the air quality index inhaled must reach good or above

although the new standard has been implemented for some time, the reporter visited some pharmacies a few days ago, but did not find a protective mask that meets the new standard. On some e-commerce platforms such as Taobao and Jingdong, the reporter searched tens of thousands of products with the keyword of “anti haze masks”, with prices ranging from more than 1 yuan to more than 100 yuan. The implementation standards of masks of different brands are also different

a person in charge of a respirator manufacturing enterprise told the reporter: “there is a process for the implementation of the new standard. At present, it will take some time for the enterprise to digest the existing product inventory and change the packaging again.”

how to choose anti haze masks

in the face of a wide range of protective masks on the market, how should consumers choose

“many people think that as long as they wear masks, they can prevent haze, but this is not the case.” 1n the interview, some experts pointed out that PM2.5 refers to the particles with a diameter of less than or equal t2.5 microns in the ambient air, and the traditional cotton mask can not block PM2.5 because of its large gap. 1n addition, the main function of medical non-woven mask is to block droplets and splashes, and its particulate matter filtering effect is also very limited, which can only play the role of general shielding

“generally speaking, the PM2.5 filtration efficiency of anti haze mask should reach at least 90% to be effective.” Zhengzhou CDC business and emergency office of Chen Xinran said. The reporter learned that most of the common haze masks on the market are implemented according to the American standard starting with N or the European standard starting with FFP. Experts said that in the PM2.5 concentration of 500 μ g / m3 environment, wearing a mask that meets the N95 standard can effectively filter more than 95% of the particles, which can form a better protection for the human body

therefore, when purchasing protective masks, consumers must pay more attention to the packaging to see if there are clear and recognized Executive Standards for masks, such as “N95”, “ffp1”, etc. 1n addition, experts suggest that white masks should be used as far as possible to prevent the decomposition of carcinogenic aromatic ammonia in some undesirable dyes and reduce health risks

you can’t just rely on masks to prevent haze

wearing protective masks can prevent haze, but wearing them for a long time is not conducive to health” Many masks are small in aperture and easy to cause hypoxia if worn for a long time, especially for the elderly and patients with cardiovascular disease. ” Zhengzhou people’s Hospital Respiratory Department Chief Physician Zhang Hao said. Experts also warned that after long-term use of the protective mask, the filtered particles will gradually block the filter material, resulting in reduced protective effect, increased respiratory resistance and increased health problems. Therefore, the protective inserts in disposable masks or cotton masks should be discarded after a period of use, and should not be used again after cleaning or disinfection

in addition to the correct use of protective masks, experts also suggest that in severe haze weather, we should try to reduce going out and opening windows. When you enter the room from the outside, you should wash your face, gargle your mouth and clean your nose in time. 1n the diet, should eat less stimulating food, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits

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