how to choose a suitable labor protection uniform?

No matter what industry, as long as the use of labor protection work clothes, it is necessary to choose appropriate labor protection work clothes according to the type of work. So speaking of this, some people may ask how to divide the labor insurance service? China labor insurance network Xiaobian introduces how to choose a practical labor insurance service for you

first, select the labor protection clothing with reliable quality according to the existing hazard factors on site. The user should choose the type of labor protection clothing according to the workplace or potential hazards. 1f live working, insulating clothing should be used; Airtight anti-virus clothing should be used for highly toxic substances contact operation; Fireproof clothing should be used for high temperature operation in front of furnace

Second: purchase products with reliable quality. 1t is necessary to purchase varieties that have been inspected by professional and technical departments or meet the current standards through specialized labor insurance stores

in order to prevent various hazards, the general labor protection clothing has been made of cotton cloth for a long time. Because the cotton cloth has fine grain and certain strength, it has the ability to prevent the penetration of dust and other pollutants, and can also reduce the mechanical and chemical damage to the human body. Moreover, the cotton material has good moisture absorption, air permeability and heat preservation properties. However, the cotton fabric has poor waterproof, acid proof, alkali corrosion resistance and flame retardant properties. 1n recent years, the synthetic fiber has developed into a kind of flame retardant cotton fabric, which has good alkali resistance and acid resistance, but poor water absorption and moisture absorption, easy to accumulate static electricity, and even can emit electric sparks when rubbing

the labor protection work clothes used in dripping operation are usually made of one-sided or two-sided system, and are made of coated tape, which has poor air permeability and is easy to cause fatigue. At present, the developed latex and polyurethane are coated on nylon silk and other thin fabrics, which are more suitable for wearing. 1n the working area where water dripping is not serious, hydrophobic synthetic fiber fabric can be used, followed by silicone, alkyl complex and organic fluoride. The fabric has good ventilation, handle, appearance and handle

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