how to choose anti haze masks? The higher the price, the better the effect?

With frequent haze this winter, many citizens wear protective masks when they go out. Provincial CDC health education experts suggest that when you go out in haze weather, you should choose the right mask, and pay attention to wearing masks, especially for special groups

not all masks can prevent haze

at present, the quality of masks on the market is uneven. The reporter found that the masks worn by pedestrians on the street are also varied. The most popular ones are flat disposable medical masks, followed by protective masks with and without breathing valves, as well as cotton masks worn by some people. Some fashionable young people wear the same haze prevention masks of stars from overseas shopping. What is the anti haze effect of these masks? 1s the higher the price, the better the haze prevention effect

the reporter interviewed Wang Xinping, a health education expert from the provincial CDC, who said: “the protective effect of masks has nothing to do with the price. 1t is suggested that the public should not blindly pursue high price anti haze masks. ” For disposable medical masks, Wang Xinping said, it is generally made of non-woven fabric with large aperture, which can prevent droplets and moisture absorption, but the effect of filtering particles is not ideal, and it can not resist PM2.5. For ordinary cotton masks, it is easy to leave saliva, and then breed bacteria. Moreover, it can not block the bacteria, viruses and inhalable particles suspended in the air, and the effect is not ideal. Wang Xinping suggested that the masks marked with kn95 or N95 (under the standard test conditions, the minimum filtration efficiency of non oily particles is 95%), FFP2 (the minimum filtration efficiency is 94%) and above should be selected. 1n order to ensure effective protection, it is necessary to consider the user’s face shape and comfort when selecting masks

it is understood that on November 1, China’s first national standard for civil protective masks, the technical specification for daily protective masks, was officially implemented, which may improve the phenomenon that there is no standard to follow in the market of civil protective masks. According to the new national standard, the concentration of PM2.5 inhaled by the mask can be reduced to less than 75 micrograms per cubic meter after wearing, which means that the air quality inhaled by the mask after filtration can reach a good or above level before it is regarded as qualified. According to the standard, the protection level of the mask is divided into four levels from low to high: D, C, B and a, respectively corresponding to the four levels of air quality in the national air quality standard

if you choose the right mask, you should wear it correctly

“although N95 mask has better haze prevention effect, it does not mean that it is isolated from the dirty air. 1f the wearing method is not correct, the anti PM2.5 effect will be greatly reduced. ” “Now many people wear masks, but they don’t play their proper role,” Wang said

how to wear anti haze mask correctly? Wang Xinping gave the correct steps: first, wash hands before and after wearing the mask; The color side of the mask is outward, and the metal side is upward; Fasten the rope to fix the mask, or wind the rubber band around the ear to make the mask close to the face; The mask should completely cover the mouth, nose and chin; Press the metal pieces on the mask along both sides of the bridge of the nose to make the mask close to the face. Avoid touching the mask after wearing it; 1f you have to touch the mask, wash your hands thoroughly before and after touching

secondly, the air tightness of the mask must be checked after wearing each time. The mask must be close to the face to filter. Cover the mask with both hands to exhale. 1f you feel the gas leaking from the nose clip, you should adjust the nose clip again. 1f you feel the gas leaking from both sides of the mask, you need to further adjust the position of the headband and ear band; 1f the fit cannot be obtained, the mask model needs to be changed

in addition, on the one hand, a large number of pollutants such as particulate matter are adsorbed on the outside of the mask after wearing for a long time, resulting in the increase of respiratory resistance. On the other hand, the inside of the mask will also absorb bacteria and viruses in the exhaled air. Therefore, it is suggested that the wearer should change the mask timely according to the respiratory resistance and the acceptability of hygienic conditions; 1f you have been exposed to infectious environment, or if you find parts damaged, such as nose clip lost, head band broken, mask damaged, etc., you should replace them immediately

special people should be cautious when wearing haze mask

“wearing protective mask will increase respiratory resistance and stuffy feeling, not everyone is suitable to wear this kind of mask. Special people should be careful when choosing protective masks. ” Wang Xinping stressed that “when pregnant women wear protective masks, they should pay attention to the combination of their own conditions and choose products with better comfort, such as protective masks with expiratory valves, so as to reduce expiratory resistance and stuffy heat. The elderly and patients with chronic diseases have different physical conditions. For example, patients with cardiopulmonary diseases will feel uncomfortable after wearing it, and even aggravate the original condition. 1t is suggested that when the haze is serious, it is best not to go out and close the doors and windows. When selecting protective masks, choose protective masks with good permeability and breathing valve, and wear them for a long time. 1n addition, children are in the stage of growth and development, and their face shape is small, so it is difficult for general masks to achieve the effect of close fitting. 1t is recommended that children’s protective masks produced by regular manufacturers be selected. “

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