How to choose flame retardant protective clothing

1. You should ask for the test report from the supplier, check the product characteristics, production batch, production date, paste cloth samples (which should be consistent with the supplied products) in the test report, and ask for samples from the supplier for future reference. Verification of its quality mainly includes five steps: check, look, touch, smell and test:

Check: check whether the inner and outer packaging of flame retardant protective clothing, all trademark marks and safety signs of special labor protection articles are complete and correct, and whether there are instructions for washing, maintenance and maintenance

look: check the appearance of the flame retardant protective clothing, there should be no surface defects, breakage and stitching defects. The structure of flame retardant protective clothing should be neckline, cuff and hem three tight type, so as to avoid hot objects or sparks splashing and damaging human body. Open pockets should be covered to avoid splashing metal or sparks. The ventilation holes for heat dissipation should be in the armpit, back and inside of the crotch to avoid the entry of external foreign bodies

touch: flame retardant protective clothing with good quality feels soft and does not irritate the skin

smell: some unqualified flame retardants have certain toxicity and pungent smell. Take out the flame retardant protective bag and smell it. There should be no peculiar smell or pungent smell

try: first, the bags and decorations of flame retardant protective clothing should not affect the normal work2. Whether it is convenient and quick to try on and take off, and it should be able to take off quickly

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