how to choose haze mask? Labor protection net teaches you

1n late autumn, because of the haze from time to time, let’s enjoy the beautiful scenery of the fallen leaves in the fog. 1t’s really foggy! Therefore, people who still love outdoor travel will choose to wear anti haze masks. 1n recent years, anti haze masks emerge in endlessly, how to choose suitable masks has become a problem. 1t doesn’t matter, the labor insurance network here tells you the key points of choosing anti haze mask, master these key points, choose the right anti haze mask, in order to protect your breathing health

1. Choose a certified haze mask. Check whether the mask package has passed gb2626 test instructions, if so, it proves that the filtering effect is qualified. The meltblown filter cloth used in a domestic haze mask is certified by a professional organization with kn95 protection level, which can filter 95% of the fine particles in the air with a diameter of less than 0.3 micron. The unique capillary structure and fine fiber of meltblown filter cloth fiber increase the unit filtration area. Meltblown filter cloth plays an irreplaceable role with its strong filtration performance

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