How to choose masks for special groups

On the bus, there is a special seat for love. Public toilet, for the disabled. Even some daily necessities began to be used by different groups. The haze problem can’t be solved in a short time. How to choose the right mask for parents, wives and children? Let’s make it up for you:

pregnant women who choose to wear protective masks should pay attention to their own conditions, and choose products with better comfort, such as protective masks with expiratory valves, to reduce expiratory resistance and stuffy heat. Before wearing a mask, pregnant women should also consult a professional doctor to confirm that their physical condition is suitable

the physical conditions of the elderly are different. Generally, some elderly people with diseases, such as cardiopulmonary diseases, may not be suitable for wearing masks. These people should consult their doctors and seek their professional guidance

young children are in the stage of growth and development. Although the existing standards for protective masks take into account the tolerance of people wearing masks to respiratory resistance, whether these indicators can be applied to children has not yet been decided by the scientific community. And children’s face shape is small, mask is difficult to close. Therefore, parents should be cautious when choosing to wear protective masks for their children. Some parents choose cloth masks for their children. Most of these cloth masks are for the purpose of keeping warm, which is not enough to protect PM2.5 and other small particles

some patients with rhinitis may be irritated or allergic by some substances (such as pollen) or pollutants in the air, so wearing a mask may help relieve symptoms, and you should consult a professional doctor for details

there are a lot of masks on the market, but most of them are designed for adults. Wearing protective masks will produce certain respiratory resistance, and some patients with chronic diseases such as cardiopulmonary system are not suitable for wearing. Therefore, to choose masks for special groups, you must go to labor protection stores, such as labor protection warehouses, to purchase labor protection products with real price, and get professional consulting services, which adds a guarantee for purchase

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