How to choose safety helmet

1n order to ensure the safety of safety helmets and goggles on the market, the standard 1nspection Bureau of the Ministry of economic affairs randomly inspected 12 products each. 1t was found that the “Chinese mark” of one safety helmet was in violation of the regulations, and the manufacturer had been required to improve it within a time limit. The standard inspection bureau also reminded the public to pay attention to 10 points when purchasing and wearing safety helmets

the Bureau of standards and inspection said today that in April this year, 12 safety helmets and 12 goggles were randomly purchased for testing at the safety helmet stores, supermarkets and motorcycle boutiques in Tainan

among them, the safety helmet quality inspection items include appearance, structure, impact absorption, wear resistance, belt strength, retention test, material, surrounding visual field and quality; There are 9 items for the quality inspection of goggles, including appearance, parallelism, refractive power, transparency, visual field, heat resistance, cold resistance, strength and structure

in addition, it is necessary to check the commodity inspection marks and Chinese marks in accordance with the commodity inspection law and inspection standards

the Bureau of standards and inspection pointed out that most of the results of the two tests met the requirements, and only one safety helmet did not meet the requirements of the “Chinese label”. According to the provisions of the commodity inspection law, the inspection obligors have been informed to make corrections within a time limit, and those who violated the regulations will be fined not less than NT $100000 but not more than NT $1 million

the Bureau of standards and inspection calls on the public to pay attention to 10 important items when purchasing, wearing and using safety helmets and goggles, including the need to buy a helmet with a “commodity inspection mark”, the choice of ordinary or reinforced safety helmets according to their own head shape and use, no damage, looseness or change, and not to wear helmets for bicycles, skates and other activities

in addition, when wearing the safety helmet, fasten the safety belt under the jaw, do not paint or refit the helmet body at will, check whether there are cracks in the helmet shell and replace it before use, do not reuse the safety helmet that has been greatly impacted, the mirror surface of the goggles should be clear, and all parts of the goggles should not have sharp edges or bumps, so as to avoid cuts or abrasions

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