How to choose safety helmet

Helmet is one of the most commonly used head protective equipment, which is used in all kinds of chemical industry from construction site. 1ts main function is to protect the head from impact injury or various splashes, which puts forward requirements for the indicators of safety helmet. When we buy safety helmets, we need to choose from these indicators< Safety helmet material there are many kinds of safety helmet material, the most common is plastic material, followed by rattan safety helmet, bamboo safety helmet and steel safety helmet. The plastic materials can be subdivided into PE, PP and ABS, and the ABS safety helmet is the most widely used in the market. Generally, plastic safety helmet is used in construction site, engineering construction and tunnel operation; And outdoor sports, such as horticulture, aviation, food industry and other occasions generally choose portable rattan or bamboo safety helmet. The weight of steel safety helmet is much heavier than the first three, so it is not recommended as far as possible

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