how to choose safety (protective) shoes according to the production site?


before choosing the appropriate safety (protective) shoes, we should first understand the main hazards leading to direct or indirect injury of users’ feet, which are as follows:

1. Being touched by hard, rolling or falling objects; 2




5. Contact with chemicals, molten metals, high and low temperature surfaces

6. When working in an environment full of flammable gas, if the electrostatic discharge is not handled properly, it will become a combustion source at any time and cause explosion. 1n addition, the conductivity of the foot can also affect the level of electric shock hazard when employees contact with electric devices< (2) (2) after understanding these data, it is helpful to analyze the selection of special safety (protective) shoes< When selecting, the following factors must be carefully considered: 1. Construction environment, for example: is the site wet and slippery is the venue uneven are there many wooden bars or other sharp obstacles exposing nails nearby

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