How to choose safety shoes for summer work

Summer is coming, the weather is hot, however, in some special working environment, many workers have to wear heavy safety shoes to work, how hot feet can be imagined. 1n such an environment, how our workers hope to have a pair of safety shoes that can protect their feet and absorb sweat, breathe and comfort. However, in many industries, because of the special environment, many production environment is not suitable for wearing perforated safety shoes or labor protection sandals. The shoes are not breathable, and the weather is hot, so the feet are easy to sweat, stink or long beriberi

in fact, as a safety shoes salesman, no one dares to say that their shoes are not hot. After all, the weather is too hot, even wearing sandals and slippers, some people feel hot, not to mention wearing thick leather safety shoes, the heat is sure. Just because the shoe material is not the same, the effect of sweat absorption and ventilation is not the same. So when we buy safety shoes in summer, in some clean environment, if we can use labor protection sandals or perforated safety shoes, we can give priority to these products. This is a good solution to the problem of ventilation. However, in some environments, if we can’t use labor protection sandals or perforated safety shoes, then we need to find a way to solve the problem of air permeability at this time

for a pair of safety shoes, the soles are almost the same, most of them are PU soles or rubber soles. 1n order to solve the problem of air permeability, we can only consider the material of the vamp. And now the safety shoes, the upper is either two layers of cowhide, the first layer of cowhide or artificial leather. 1n fact, artificial leather is not allowed to be used in safety shoes, but some safety shoes manufacturers use artificial leather materials in order to save costs or make shoes look good. Such shoes are also easy to break. The air permeability of the first layer is obviously better than that of the second layer. But the cost of the first layer is higher than that of the second layer. So when purchasing safety shoes, enterprises can make decisions according to the enterprise budget. 1f the budget is enough, the air permeability will be better if the safety shoes with top leather are selected

therefore, when choosing breathable safety shoes, enterprises should make decisions according to their own budget and production environment. For the benefit of employees, try to choose the safety shoes with top leather or perforated

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