How to choose safety shoes

According to the statistics of bureau of labor in the United States: foot and leg protection: 66% of the workers with leg and foot injuries do not wear safety shoes, 33% wear ordinary casual shoes, and 85% of the injured workers are due to objects hitting the unprotected shoes. To protect the legs and feet from falling, rolling, sharp objects, molten metal, hot surfaces, wet surfaces, workers must use appropriate foot protectors, safety shoes or boots or leg binding

when choosing safety shoes and boots, the following five points can be followed:

A. in addition to selecting the appropriate type according to the working conditions, protective shoes and boots should also fit the feet and make people feel comfortable. This is very important, and the appropriate shoe size should be carefully selected

B. the protective shoes should have anti-skid design, not only to protect people’s feet from injury, but also to prevent the accident caused by the operator slipping

C. all kinds of protective shoes with different performance should meet the technical indexes of their own protective performance, such as toe not being injured, sole not being stabbed, insulation and conduction. But safety shoes are not everything

D. the protective shoes should be carefully checked or tested before use. 1n electrical and acid-base operations, the damaged and cracked protective shoes are dangerous

e. the protective shoes should be kept properly after use, and the rubber shoes should be washed with clean water or disinfectant and dried in the air after use, so as to prolong the service life. The sole of safety shoes is generally made of polyurethane material by one-step injection molding, which has the advantages of acid and alkali resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, insulation, wear resistance, light weight and so on. 1t is 3 times more durable than ordinary rubber sole. Good flexibility, light weight, the weight is only 50% – 60% of the rubber bottom. Different safety shoes have different scope of application and different functions: toe safety shoes with an1 safety performance are suitable for loading and unloading, mining, petroleum, quarrying, metallurgy, port, machinery, construction, forestry, chemical industry, etc. The anti puncture strength of anti puncture safety shoes is grade 1, which is suitable for mining, fire fighting, construction, forestry, cold work, machinery industry, etc. Electrical insulation safety shoes are suitable for electricians, electronic operators, cable installers, substation installers, etc. Note: it is suitable for the working environment with power frequency voltage below 1kV, and the working environment should be able to keep the vamp dry. Avoid contact with sharp tools, high temperature and corrosive materials, and the top and bottom shall not be damaged by corrosion. Anti static safety shoes can eliminate the accumulation of static electricity in human body, and are suitable for flammable workplaces, such as gas station operators, liquefied gas filling workers, etc

precautions: it is forbidden to use safety shoes as insulating shoes; When wearing anti-static shoes, it is not necessary to wear insulating wool socks or use insulating insoles at the same time; Anti static shoes should be used together with anti-static clothing; Anti static shoes should be tested once every 200 hours. 1f the resistance is not within the specified range, it can not be used as anti-static shoes. Acid and alkali resistant safety shoes are suitable for electroplating workers, pickling workers, electrolysis workers, liquid workers, Chemical operators, etc. Note: acid and alkali resistant leather shoes can only be used in the acid and alkali workplace with low concentration; Should avoid contact with high temperature, sharp injury or sole leakage; After wearing, wash the acid-base liquid on the shoes with clean water, and then dry them to avoid direct sunlight or drying

before choosing, we must first understand the main hazards leading to direct or indirect foot injury of employees, including the following 6 items:

A. touching by hard, rolling or falling objects

B. piercing the sole or body of shoes by sharp objects

C. being cut by a sharp object or even tearing the skin

D. site lubrication and falling

E. contact with chemicals, molten metals, high and low temperature surfaces

F. when working in an environment full of flammable gases, if the electrostatic discharge is not handled properly, it will become a combustion source at any time, causing explosion

the correct choice of safety shoes can be measured and selected from the aspect of shoe structure:

A. shoe type: that is, the length and width of the shoes, and whether the width and tightness of the shoes are appropriate to the foot

B. vamp: whether the softness of leather material can be natural and fit when walking

C. shoe Bond: whether the whole shoe bond can stick to the foot without striking, loose but not off, and full of elasticity

D. shoe body: leather, artificial leather, PVC and synthetic fiber are common

each of these substances has its own advantages, for example, the body of real leather shoes is more durable and more comfortable to wear, but the function of anti-corrosive liquid damage is not good. Artificial leather can be used in the case of waterproof, corrosive chemicals or other pollutants, but if its surface is damaged, its function will be affected… PVC is most suitable for wet and slippery environment, and it is easy to clean, but it can be decomposed by some chemicals

E. toe cap: the toe cap of safety shoes is equipped with a steel cap, which is mainly used to protect the toes from being bumped or crushed. 1f employees need to carry out heavy work, such as construction workers or employees carrying heavy goods, their safety shoes and steel caps shall be made of materials with corrosion resistance and impact resistance of 200 joules (J)

F. inner cushion: whether the structure of vibration aid function, sweat absorption function, massage function and health care function has been correctly adopted

g. inner lining: whether the materials with ventilation function, waterproof function, heat preservation function and environmental protection function have been selected correctly

h. sole: commonly used materials include all rubber, vulcanized rubber, or PVC, etc. The main functions of sole are wear resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, heat insulation and oil resistance. However, due to the different characteristics of various materials, the function of sole is also different. The sole interlayer of safety shoes is equipped with steel sheet, which is used to prevent the sole from being punctured by nails or hard objects. 1n addition to the anti-skid rubber sole, the sole design is also very important for the anti-skid function. For example, in a good environment, the sole is relatively non slip, light and has outstanding vibration support function. The outdoor site environment adopts the reinforced anti-skid and wear-resistant base material, which can withstand the use in the worse environment. Subdivided into: white collar, blue collar, salary, administrative industry, light industry, heavy industry, construction industry, tourism, service industry, etc

according to the estimation standard, the most important feature of industrial safety shoes is that the toe cap can bear the impact force of 20kg hard objects falling vertically from 1m height and absorb 200 joules of kinetic energy. Most contemporary safety shoes also add other safety features and develop different types of products. 1ncludes a rigid base design to prevent the sole from being punctured by nails and other sharp objects. Other relevant features include skid resistance and grip. Other safety features of the sole include pre-set minimum static resistance, resistance to temperature change, resistance to specific fuel and chemicals

comfortable and hygienic safety shoes can improve the work efficiency of workers and prevent chronic foot or leg diseases. The most important indicators of comfort performance include that the vamp material must meet the specific waterproof and breathable standards, the lining material should be easy to absorb sweat, and it is easy to disperse the smell after taking off the shoes. Other safety features include a well fitting sole design, support for the foot and arch, flexibility, sole pads and heel shock protection

durable industrial safety shoes should be made of cow leather or buffalo leather. The sole is usually directly cast into the vamp, and the combination effect is quite perfect, which can minimize the phenomena of sole removal, water seepage or sand dust. The sole has the characteristics of wear resistance, wear resistance and puncture resistance. Therefore, even in the most difficult working environment, it can also play the role of safety protection in a relatively durable time. Fashion design is increasingly concerned by consumers, and more and more safety models imitate the shape and color matching of sports shoes

the toe protection steel head of safety shoes must have enough function to prevent the collision of heavy and sharp substances and meet the national standards. Consumers should choose the type of toe safety shoes according to different workplaces. Among the five protection performance levels of an1, an2, An3, an4 and an5, an1 is the highest and an5 is the lowest. High level toe protection safety shoes have high front-end pressure resistance and impact resistance technical indicators, which is good for toe protection. Therefore, the more easily the toe is injured or crushed, and the more serious the injury is, the higher level toe protection safety shoes should be selected. For some operations, the toe is likely to be injured or crushed, and the injury is not likely to be serious, You can choose low-level toe safety shoes, because high-level shoes are generally expensive, bulky and uncomfortable

therefore, toe protection shoes should be selected according to the characteristics of operation. Consumers can choose toe safety shoes with different prices, styles and materials according to their own needs. Usually, the leather shoes are new and light, and the outsoles are made of polyurethane materials, which are wear-resistant and expensive; Adhesive shoes is a traditional technology with a long history of production. The price varies according to the style and materials; 1t’s cheaper to sew tire soles. The price of non tire soles varies according to their styles and materials

in addition, injection shoes and adhesive shoes have poor air permeability, while sewing shoes have good air permeability and are more comfortable to wear. When purchasing, consumers should first confirm whether the manufacturer of the product has the industrial product production license (not required for imported goods) and safety mark certificate issued by the state. On this basis, check whether the product has the manufacturer’s name and address, production license number, safety mark certification number, production date, product standard number, product certificate and operation manual, and pay special attention to check whether the shoe has the product name (or the word “toe protection”), shoe number and protection performance level

in addition, the distributor should be required to show the test report of this batch of products and check the validity period. Consumers should check the appearance quality when purchasing. You can check whether the upper is disabled, with different colors, heavy stitching, skipping stitches, broken stitches and uneven needle size; Whether there is glue opening and thread off at the bottom of the upper; Whether the sole has excessive sulfur, insufficient sulfur, spray sulfur; Whether the inner head is crooked, etc

generally, the soles of safety shoes are made of Pu or rubber materials. These materials change in physical and chemical properties with time, use environment and wearing habits of the wearer, which gradually weakens the wear resistance, adhesive fastness, hardness, comfort and other functions of safety shoes. Therefore, Anbang safety shoes suggest that the performance of safety shoes should be tested every other period of time, and the unqualified ones should be replaced< China labor insurance net

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