How to choose the fabric of work clothes?

do you worry about how to choose the fabric of work clothes? Do you know anything about the fabric of work clothes? The following chining work clothes fabric knowledge for you to understand, hope to help you solve the problem, if you have any questions can contact customer service

gongshuang: it has both the width of polyester fiber and the softness of viscose fiber. After high temperature treatment, the fabric is compact and gorgeous, with good resilience, easy machine washing and good wrinkle resistance. 1ngredients: polyester fiber 65%, viscose fiber 35%. Tissue: two bath whole process environmental protection dyeing. Weight: 260-270 g / m. Width: 148-150cm

Seiko: the fabric is interwoven with polyester filament and cotton yarn, with twill as the surface. The surface of the fabric has the anti wrinkle and anti pilling effect of chemical fiber, while the back has the comfort, moisture absorption and air permeability of cotton. 1ngredients: polyester fiber 55%, cotton 45%. Tissue: 1 / 2 twill tissue. Process: environment friendly dyeing. Weight: 250-260 g / m. Width: 148-150cm

wool polyester Gongsi Brocade: the surface of Gongsi brocade fabric adopts plain structure, while the back is fine straight twill, with compact structure and no hairiness. 1ts unique structure avoids and reduces the disadvantages of “Aurora” caused by friction after wearing; Simple and refreshing changes combined with intellectual introverted, emitting a natural soft luster; Because of its exquisite texture, good straightness, wear resistance, wrinkle resistance and excellent wearing performance, it has become the first choice for uniforms and dresses in many industries, especially for high-end business suits

at present, the conventional performance ratio technical indexes of wool fabric “Gongsi brocade” are: 35% of artificial cotton, 65% of polyester content, 70% – 80% of wool, 30% – 20% of polyester content, 80-130 yarn count, 260-480g of gram weight. The main colors used are plain color, including Tibetan blue, Tibetan blue, dark gray, medium gray, camel color, etc; Relatively speaking, the higher the content of wool and man-made cotton fiber in the fabric, the better the relative wool feeling performance, good color fastness, smooth and bright, bright color, good hand elasticity, good moisture absorption, firm and wrinkle resistance, stable size, good air permeability and anti melting hole, reducing the fabric fuzzing, pilling and static phenomenon, with windproof, dustproof, anti radiation, anti-static, anti-oxidation Anti high temperature, anti low temperature, etc

Oxford spinning: it is made of polyester fiber and double cotton. 1t has the characteristics of clear and generous grain, combination of dot and net, high cotton content, comfortable wearing and finishing. Tissue: 1 / 1 plain weave. Weight: 190-200 g / m. Width: 146-148cm

full process polyester card: clear grain, smooth cloth surface, no fading, no pilling, shrink proof, easy machine washing. 1ngredients: Polyester 80%, cotton 20%. Width: 112cm. Specification: 126×60

full process polyester cotton yarn card: clear spinning path, smooth and thick cloth surface, not easy to fade, anti pilling, anti-wear, washable, wet and breathable. 1ngredients: polyester fiber 65%, cotton 35%. Tissue: 3 / 1 Twill tissue. Width: 150cm. Specification: 108×58

full process polyester flat — wide, wrinkle resistant, good drapability, smooth and smooth cloth surface, moisture absorption and air permeability, wear resistance, no pilling, strong color fastness, with excellent polyester cotton effect. 1ngredients: polyester fiber 65%, cotton 35%. Tissue: 1 / 1 plain weave. Width: 150cm. Specification: 100×53

cotton gauze card: clear grain, smooth and thick cloth surface, not easy to fade, anti pilling, stable size, anti-wear and washing, moisture absorption and ventilation, not easy to produce static electricity, good skin friendly. 1ngredient: 100% cotton. Tissue: 3 / 1 Twill tissue. Process: mercerizing and singeing, shrink proof pad dyeing, full process environmental protection dyeing. Width: 148-150cm. Specification: 128×60

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