How to choose the right type of mask

There are many kinds of classification methods of masks. Generally, according to their structure and working principle, they are divided into two categories: air filter masks and air supply masks. The working principle of the air filter type mask, or filter type mask for short, is that the air containing harmful substances is filtered through the filter material of the mask and then inhaled; Gas supply respirator refers to the clean gas source isolated from harmful substances, which is sent to people’s face for breathing by power, such as air compressor, compressed gas cylinder device, etc. Filter masks are the most widely used in our daily work. The selection method and use conditions of these masks are described in detail below

the structure of a filter mask should be divided into two parts. One is the main body of the mask, which can be simply understood as a shelf of the mask; The other is the filter material part, including the filter cotton used for dust prevention and the chemical filter box used for anti-virus. Therefore, for the selection and use of filter masks, some of the products produced by Guangjia provide you with the following convenience, that is, you can use the same kind of mask body. When you need to prevent dust in the dust working environment, you can wear a dust mask with the corresponding filter cotton; When you need to carry out anti-virus in a toxic environment, replace the filter cotton and install the corresponding chemical filter box, so that it becomes an anti-virus mask again, or provide you with more combinations according to your work needs

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